Sun County - Errata 
Copyright © 1993 by Michael O'Brien

First published in Tales of the Reaching Moon issue #9

Sun County Leaders (p.8, 12 - 15)
The ransom figures for these characters should be expressed in Wheels, not Lunars. For example, Count Solanthos's ransom is 1500W (30,000L), not 1500L.

Vega Goldbreath (p.12)
Lady Vega's hoplite shield is iron, as its AP rating of 27 suggests.

Sun Dome Militia Units Chart (p.43)
A = Acolyte.

Two-handed Spear & Shield Technique (p.43 - 44)
The armour point value of shield used in conjunction with the 2-handed- spear-and-shield technique is not halved. Thus, a hoplite shield affords 18 points of armour protection to the left arm, chest and abdomen of a templar employing this combat style, rather than 9 points as indicated.

[Note that this is just my own unofficial ruling. If the rule where a slung shield only gives half its AP protection applies in this instance, there would be little point using this technique. Why would a Templar use it, if it only gives him one measly extra AP in a few locations and he has to sacrifice all parries? RQ2 didn't halve the shield AP.]

Jaxarte Visits Harpoon (p.56)
The final sentence of the boxed section reads: "His recollections are quoted here (with the notes of his biographer, the Grey Sage Floriat Fedora, in italics.)"

Pregenerated Characters (p.62 - 65)
All divine magic known by these characters is one-use except for Delishi Koris (p.63), who knows a reusable Catseye spell gained as a Yelmalio gift.

Lynnell Turri and Delishi Koris are both 19 years old, not 17.

As a Lhankor Mhy initiate, Skeelios Hemper requires a 90% skill in a language, lore or Evaluate lore. Raise his Read/Write Sartarite from 81% to 91%.

The Joust (p.73)
Chit 1 jousts Chit 2, etc.

The Wrestling (p.73 - 74)
All spirit magic except Befuddle, Demoralize and Disrupt is permitted in this event, but it can only be cast after the bout begins. It is considered unsporting to win this event using an overt magical advantage, and some opponents may agree among themselves not use magic before their bout.

Around Town in Garhound (p.79)
The Lightbringer temple also includes a shrine to Odayla, the Hunter god of the Orlanth pantheon; the hunter shrine at the Praxian cult site actually honours their own hunter god, Foundchild. The Solar Temple has major shrines to Yelmalio and Ernalda, not Eiritha.

The Garhound lands are bounded by the Zola Fel river to the west, not the east.

Place Your Bets Table (p.80)
Promidius's name is misspelt "Prometheus".

Stikklebrixx the Storm Buller (p.90)
Stikklebrixx has a Sense Chaos skill of 46%.

Crate 5 (p.104)
Given that it says the Books of Elephantis ("a comprehensive, annotated ten volume anthology of New Pelorian literature") has 10 volumes, obviously Polybius's secret message is hidden in volume X, not XI as stated.

Sun County Ruins: The scholar (p.110)
The final sentence of this section reads: "If she's really impressed with their performance, they may even get a copy of her thesis."

The Vampire's Crypt: Vampire Stats (p.115)
Divine Magic: Replace River Eyes (which is actually a spirit magic spell) with another use of Drown.

[Note, until it is clarified how Gloranthan vampires function, I have used the RQ2 model, in which they suck POW and divine spells from their victims. Vampires probably have their own unique magic similar to sorcery but requires POW (blood sacrifice) from their victims to work.]

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