Sun County
What is Darkness?

By Michael O'Brien
Copyright © 1998 by Michael O'Brien
First published in The Book of Drastic Resolutions Volume Darkness

Drastic Rez Editor Stephen Martin wanted a series of short narratives from assorted native Gloranthans answering the question, "What is Darkness?".  Here's mine, from the Sun Domer POV:

From the nightly sermon to his troops by Coriander Goldbeard, Light Servant (acolyte) of Yelmalio, File Leader of "The Bird Men" IXth Militia, Eiskolli, currently on patrol on the East Rim:

"Beware of the Darkness, my boys, for it is in Darkness that evil lurks. When a man looks upon a another's wife, or covets his neighbour's ass, we say " a darkness has entered his heart".  For under cover of Darkness, in the absence of Father Yelm's paternal gaze, base temptation and lurid thoughts can turn to foul deeds and unnatural passions.  Huddle close boys, but know, just as our god Yelmalio remained a blazing ember for us, even in the Dead of Darkness, so too will my Lantern burn through the night, lest any of us fall tempted to lustful carnality, or worse, bodily self-pollution!  Now, I know these words will help you rest easy; we shall all rise early on the morrow to greet the Dawn!"

And, while we're on the topic, here's two of the lost hymns of Solinthor (see Sun County, p.126):

Yelm by Night, and Man

"When thou settest in the western horizon of the sky,
The earth is in darkness like death.
Men, they sleep in their chambers:
their heads wrapped up,
their nostrils stopped.
Thou art gone, and it is darkness;
Wherein all the beasts creep forth."


"Darkness broods,
The world is in silence,
Yelm, he that man resteth, resteth in his horizon.
The young lions roar after their prey,
And seek food from the gods."

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