Questlines & Questlines II

Questlines - A Gloranthan Journeybook

Questlines was the fundraiser book for RQ Con Down Under (January 1996). Edited by John Hughes, Questlines is 76 pages of the best in Gloranthan gaming.  It highlights the contribution of Australian writers to the wonderful world of Glorantha, and also introduces Aussie gamers to recent work by many of the international guests who attended the con.

Contents include:

...Also features fiction by Penelope Love, myths by Sandy Petersen and David Dunham, fab art by Dan Barker, and lots more!

Questlines II - Another Gloranthan Journeybook

"Questlines II is 92 pages of undiluted Gloranthan Gold"
- David Hall, publisher and editor of Tales of the Reaching Moon

Questlines II was the fundraiser book for GloranthaCon Down Under (January 1998). Editor MOB brings together the best Gloranthan material from around the world to make this 92 pages no Glorantha fan can afford to miss!

Contents include:

...Also features fiction by MOB, two Home of the Bold stories, new Trickster spells, lavish artwork by Mark Baldwin and Brad Ellis, fabulous cover ('Great Sister' ©1998 Dario Corallo, above) and lots, lots more!

How to Order Questlines I & II

Australia: for more information contact Andrew Bean
Rest of the World: limited copies may also still be available from your local Reaching Moon Megacorp rep.

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