Notes from Nochet 
From Tales of the Reaching Moon #17

[XXIX.14-16.title] Mercenary Contract of Leonidas the Short, Wind Voice of Orlanth Adventurous.

[XXIX.14-16.a] Each hired person will give his complete and utter loyalty in all matters, whether they lead unto life or death to me and me only, Leonidas the Short, Wind Voice of Orlanth, vessel for the magics of Orlanth to come into this world, to sworn in person by the oath of my choice.

[XXIX.14-16.b] Each warrior agrees to obey all officers appointed by me, as if they were me, except in matters which countermand orders given by me.

[XXIX.14-16.c] Each warrior agrees and understands that he places complete trust in my wisdom, and that my interests include the well-being and trust of each individual in my employ, and that I will not abuse or needlessly risk anyone's life, and that risks are taken only for the call of adventure, the killing of chaos, the meeting of Lightbringer's obligations, or as it aids and serves to protect every loyal member of my group.

[XXIX.14-16.d] Each hired warrior will be given adequate time to provision himself at the nearest marketplace with whatever victuals are desired; likewise for the care of mounts. Further, I recognize the obligations of members of the Foundchild Hunter cult to support themselves, and will allow them one day a week to accomplish this.

[XXIX.14-16.e] I will inform all of my followers one day in advance of anticipated changes of weather, so that they may provide themselves with adequate shelter when necessary.

[XXIX.14-16.f] I am an honourable man, and anyone in my employ may have his own items reviewed by myself or my captain, establishing true and absolute ownership, which I guarantee not to violate.

[XXIX.14-16.g] I am a just man, so that I will deal harshly with any who would steal from me, whether they be in my employ or not; such shall forfeit their life, limbs, soul and goods to my mercy. More, on my word, I vow to waste no time in supporting the cause of anyone among my ranks against whom a similar injustice has been committed.

[XXIX.14-16.h] All warriors agree and understand that protection for each is guaranteed by the strength of the contingent, with the understanding that the warriors obey instructions to the letter, and that they in no way behave purposefully with neglect or intent to harm me or my reputation.

[XXIX.14-16.i] I am Leonidas the Short, Wind Voice of Orlanth Adventurous and vessel for the magics of Orlanth to come into this world, and I speak for my God, Orlanth, among whose entourage is Aiolos, a powerful spirit of the winds whom I have been intimately associated, and who has the ear of Orlanth; and I speak also for the Runes that I have mastered. The powers of my gods protect me and mine from foul broos and krarshtkids, as well as evil sorcery and wicked shamans' magics. Once, I went to the spirit world where I fought enemy spirits, those that dared oppose me, and I imprisoned the greatest one to prove my power. Another time I bested the four spiritual foes sent against me by cult enemies, and plundered their power for the glory of Orlanth. Know that am I touched by the Luck Rune, a gift of the gods, and have spells and enchantments which are fearsome to my enemies. In my household lives a Priestess and two nurses of the White Goddess, who know many spells, prayers and potions, who will keep you hale and hearty. In repayment for mighty aid given, the Priestess once granted me the power to once restore a departed soul to its body. All these will help keep you healthy from enemy gods and devils who are sent against you for being in my service.

[XXIX.14-16.j] I am a generous man, so that I will allow my employees to purchase and wear what clothing they wish, as long as it does not clash with my personal taste, and I will repair and make whole any weapon or piece of armour damaged while on duty. I will guarantee the collection or debt of at least five gold wheels worth of spell training per season, and once per year will place my spell-teaching abilities at the desires of my employees for one week each. Collection is made at my pleasure and and is limited to a spell I know. Debt is cumulative until collected, or it may be paid in cash if it cannot be otherwise redeemed for the length of one full year. I am a Master of diverse weapons, skills and arts and alternatively, expert tuition may be offered in lieu of spell training, at my sole discretion. Each warrior will also receive a fair share of any loot garnered on a mission according to the Orlanthi method, and leave of one week is given between missions.

[XXIX.14-16.k] I am a courageous man, and I often venture into situations of great danger with my followers for their benefit. Thus I will assist Lightbringer initiates to bind spirits to prove their power and increase mine, but only by mutual agreement between both parties. I understand well the dangers involved, so that I forbid any warrior to undertake this journey to the spirit plane without my consent. In exchange, each warrior agrees to recognize me as their heir. In the event of my own demise, my goods shall become the property of the Orlanth Adventurous Temple, with my heir being the first of my followers to attain the status of Wind Lord of Orlanth.

[XXIX.14-16.l] Finally, I am a wise and pious man, and I ask that none but the faithful attend my weekly services to Orlanth, but those that do shall recognize me as their priest and make proper tithe. The White Goddess had given me the power to bestow the gift of life once, and members of my congregation become eligible for this blessing, especially if they die in my service. I will not misuse this ability on unbelievers, nor without the recommendation of my captain. You may count, however, that I will balance well the worthiness of the brave and the unlucky for I know well the curse of death. I will double the pay of any Orlanth initiate; but I will not allow those without the cult to have or use swords, nor will I repair such; for the sword is the Air's weapon. Air Rune cultists may petition me for exemption to this rule, which I may or may not grant, as I see fitting. However, I promise to act as sponsor for any suitable person in my employ, should they wish to join the ranks of those who worship the Winds.

[XXIX.14-16.m] Now I demand oath and seal of you, by the recitation of the following: By all that is truth and honour I swear by the lungs that give me life, my legs that give me movement, my mind that gives me magic, and by my hands that give me mastery that I will give faith and fealty to Leonidas the Short, Wind Voice of Orlanth and vessel for the magics of Orlanth into this world , until I am honourably released from this service, or death take me, or the world shall end.

[XXIX.14-16.n] Signature, Oath or Sign of the Mercenary.

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