Last Tango in Pavis
Copyright © 1993 by Michael O'Brien and Brian Hebert

Permission is freely given for personal gaming use.

The Dreams

Jaspar's Dream
You are in council. You are seated in a position of honor and are ready to begin talking. A woman enters the room, dressed in a robe of White Feathers. She carries a sleeping figure: you identify it as Peltas! She lays his sleeping form at your feet, points to him and says, "He is a child of Isig. He is needed." She takes your hand and you fly with her out the door and into the sky. You now see she is a great white crane. She takes you high above Sun County. You can see the river below, and the irrigation channels which keep the land fertile. Suddenly, a great purple stain flows down one of the streams, from its headwaters by some hills out on the plains. As the stain passes downstream, it turns to desert the land on either side. When it flows into the network of irrigation channels, the crops wither and die, and the people fall to ground clutching their throats. As the blight washes into the river and spreads throughout the County, you awaken.

Promidius's Dream
You are shrouded in darkness; lost. You walk blindly, groping, arms extended. Your foot slips and splashes, ankle deep, into chill water. As you struggle away from the water, you hear a sound - the slow deep song of a solitary frog. For some inexplicable reason this fills you with great fear and you run in panic through the darkness. You strike your head and fall.

When you open your eyes the song of the frog has ended and you see a faint light. A woman, wrapped in a robe of white feathers approaches, giving off a strange pearly light. You can see now that you are in a cavern. She points at figure sleeping on the cavern floor beside you: it is Peltas! "He is a child of Isig."

You sit up, holding your bleeding forehead, "Who are you?" She smiles grimly and answers "Go without delay to Isig." She spins around, turning into a huge white bird. She flaps her wings and flies out of the cavern and into bright sunlight. She flies up into the sky and vanishes into the Sun.

You awaken with a splitting headache.

Peltas's Dream
You are flying on the back of an enormous white crane, high above the open plains. The wind whips around you as you desperately grip the bird's shoulders. You are heading along a dry riverbed towards low hills. After what seems to be hours the Crane lands exhausted by a wide pool of water. You climb off and look the bird in its wildly staring eye, "Thank you, White Crane, what can I do to repay you for this gift you have given me?" The Crane answers with the voice of a woman, "Child of Isig, bring me water to quench my thirst." You cup your hands in the water of the pool and bring it dripping to the raised beak of the bird. It swallows the dripping water. It then heaves an enormous breath, shudders, and then its eyes roll up into its head and it dies.

You awaken. Your hands burn painfully for several minutes.

Mars's Dream
You are walking on an open plain at night. By the dim light of the stars you can see a procession in the distance. As you draw nearer you hear weeping and the high-pitched keening of a dirge.

People of all ages and stations are walking slowly, heads down. They are brown skinned, and have emerald eyes: they are not Sun Domers.

Who are you?" you ask. Without looking up an old grandmother, her face slick with tears, answers "We are the people of Isig."

A great crack opens in the ground and the people of Isig walk slowly in. You hear a faint thundering, growing stronger by the minute. It becomes so loud that you throw yourself to the ground, covering your ears. Suddenly it stops and you hear only a heavy panting. Looking up you see an enormous white bird standing over you, its heavy breath clouding in the cold night air. You jump to your feet, preparing to run. When you look back a woman is standing where the bird had stood, wrapped in a robe made of white feathers. She points at a sleeping figure on the ground: it is Peltas, "He is a child of Isig. Take him home." She turns and points toward low hills in the east. The Sun rises above the hills, and the woman turns into a bird again and flies towards it.

You awaken.

Melo Yelo's Dream
Following a creek bed, you are tracking a prairie hare. Suddenly the ground gives way under you and you fall into a deep pit. You land heavily, your breath knocked away. As you rise to a sitting position, hugging yourself and struggling to master your breath, you see that the pit is full of human bones, piled in heaps around you. Something in bones is moving, you look and see it is Peltas, stirring in his sleep!

You hear a noise at the top of the pit and look up. Kneeling and looking down at you is a strange woman, dressed in a white robe made of feathers. The sun shines directly behind her, making it difficult to stare at her for long. She reaches out a hand as says, "Come, bring the child of Isig, there is work to be done."

You awaken.


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