Goslem Whyded - Jaxarte's older brother

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Disinherited and disgraced, Jaxarte Whyded's older half-brother came to the River of Cradles in late 1614, after squandering his inheritance in the Holy Country. He spent several years there adventuring, including a stint as a mercenary in the service of Duke Raus, a fellow exile. He left the Duke's service precipitously, and later journeyed back to the Lunar Heartlands where he was reconciled with his father. He qualified soon after as a Sword of Humakt, and served in the Lunar army.

Where Jaxarte is tall and gangly, Goslem is small and nimble. Where Jaxarte is affable and humane, Goslem is shrewd and suspicious. The root of his wary nature lies with his lottery sword, the wondrous weapon he won from 13 of his comrades, many of whom still covet it. Goslem fled to Prax to escape constant challenges from his comrades, and would die before he gave up the blade.

Goslem distrusts all fellow Humakti, and although a Lunar patriot, has as a disgraced exile a measure of rancour against the upper classes and their privileges. Although quick-tempered, Goslem is honourable in combat (as all good Humakti should be), and likes to give his foes fair warning of his lethality. Goslem enjoys high-living when he can get it and is something of a wastrel. Usually broke, he may encountered as a freelance adventurer, in the service of the Duke and possibly in the company of his younger brother.

Later Career
With encroaching senility, Goslem's father's mind and attitude softened towards his wayward son, and he returned to the family fold in late 1619. Goslem then formed the Gray Blades, a Humakti company serving as Lunar auxiliaries. His subsequent military career is detailed in And Then There Were None, Goslem's own account of how he slew or otherwise pacified his remaining ten adversaries.

In early 1624 the Gray Blades were ordered to storm the battlements of rebellious Bikhy, and Goslem rashly swore that he would "take the walls or die trying." The attack was stalled by diplomacy, but Goslem felt his honour was therefore compromised. He led his assault on the walls anyway, under heavy fire from both sides. Later, in full view of all, he fell on his own sword atop the ramparts. His famed weapon has since disappeared, and the surviving Gray Blades now form part of a Danfive Xaron punishment legion.

Jaxarte NPC stats

Goslem Whyded, elder brother of Jaxarte.
Human male, born clay/illusion/dark 1590 S.T. (Lunar date: 7/19)
Initiate of Humakt and inactive Ancestor worshipper.

STR 15
CON 14
SIZ 11
INT 17
POW 15
DEX 20
APP 18

Move: 3
Fatigue: 29
Hit Points: 13
Magic Points: 15 + 17 stored = 32

Ring and Cuirboilli: Total Encumbrance = 20. Fatigue = 9 (29 - 20). Cuirboilli and ring mail armour. Iron broadsword, target shield, composite bow and quiver of 20 arrows.

Iron broardsword SR-5 A-109 Damage: special  Parry (30)-101
Target Sheild SR-7 A-43 (1d6+1d4) Parry (12)-82%
Composite Bow A-76 (1d8+1)

Spirit Magic (75% - ENC): Bladesharp-5, Demoralize (2), Heal-2, Detect Enemy, Protection-4, Repair-1, Farsee-1, Parry-1.

Divine Magic (one-use): Truesword x1, Heal Wound x2, Shield x1.

Skills: Dodge 68% (-ENC); Jump 66%; Swim 46%, Ride Horse 73%; Orate 69%; First Aid 44%; Listen 67%; Scan 77%; Track 50%; Conceal 42%; Hide 51%; Sneak 51%; Ceremony 16%.

Languages: New Pelorian 46/34, Pavic 25/--.

Humakti Gift and Geas: Bless sword to do double damage (after armour) upon striking the left leg; Wear no armour on left leg.

Cash: Goslem has spent his inheritance and is actually deeply in debt in the Holy Country and other places. What little wealth he carries (2d100 L) is all he owns.

Ransom: Goslem has been disinherited by his father.

Personality Traits (Pendragon Pass):

Passions (Pendragon Pass): Covet Lottery Sword 24, Honour 15, Loyalty (Duke Raus) 06
Special Item: The Lottery Sword

This is a finely-crafted enchanted iron broadsword, with a distinctive duck's head pommel. A fine but strong silver chain runs from the hilt to a wrist clasp. 

One of the eyes of the duck is a crystal that stores 17 magic points; the other socket is empty (it once contained a valuable gem, but Goslem was forced to pawn it). 

Fourteen Humakti participated in the lottery, of which nine remain faithful. Goslem won the right to wield the sword, defeating all of them in a series of duels. The sword is an extremely potent weapon, and possesses the following powers:

  • POW 28 Sever Spirit strikes any participant who forswears the Oath taken at the outset of the lottery. 
  • 30 armour points. 
  • The sword does double damage, after armour is accounted for (this power is removed on the demise of "Stumpy": see Jaxarte on the Borderlands). 
  • The sword does quadruple damage (after armour) to the head, chest, right arm and left leg hit locations. 
  • The sword does quadruple damage (after armour) against trolls, humans and broos; and 8-times normal damage when striking these species in the hit locations specified above.



    Example: Goslem strikes a broo opponent in the left leg and rolls 1d8+1+1d4 for a total of 10 points damage. The broo makes its parry, and its already-notched mace blocks 6 points. Its soft leather leggings and its skin armour block another point each, leaving only 2 points to get through and into the broo. However, the lottery sword increases this damage eight-fold to 16 points. The GM rules that this is enough to take the limb clean off.

For a complete description of Lottery Swords and how to make one, see the Lottery Sword page.

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