In the Nochet Lhankor Mhy Library Collection

Copyright © 1998 by Michael O'Brien and Trevor Ackerly

Listed below are some of the dictionaries in the Nochet library general collection. Sadly, many are now incomplete, damaged or missing volumes - factional hoarding, decay and of course the disastrous fire of 1618 have all contributed to their current shabby state.

Dictionaries may consulted by members of the Lhankor Mhy or Irrippi Ontor cults free of charge, though this does not mean that the particular work sought will be available when required! Outsiders will either have to pay a sage the usual research costs, or may consult the dictionary requested in the reading room at a base rate of 2s. per hour.

Anias, the deputy chief librarian and head of the Exclusivist Faction makes a critical comment about each work.

Old Pavic Lexicon
Main Language: Pavic
Part Extant: All
Benefit: Read Old Pavic at 1/2 Read Pavic
Author: Anias, 1568 (my initiate thesis, as it happens...)
Anias's Comment: This is an excellent and definitive work, worthy of my scholarly brilliance.

An Esrolian-Sartarite Dictionary
Main Language: Esrolian
Part Extant: All
Benefit: Read Esrolian at 1/4 Sartarite and vice versa
Author: Anias, 1579
Anias's Comment: Still unsurpassed, it is a must for any would-be heroquester looking to organize a temple in Sartar.

The Essence of Modern Mostali
Main Language: Esrolian
Part Extant: All
Benefit: Learn binary coding at 1/4 Read Esrolian
Author: Anias (1618)
Anias's Comment: A quick browse is more stimulating than "Erotocomatose Lucidity".

Theyalan Idiom
Main Language: Esrolian
Part Extant: Vol.3 missing.
Benefit: Read other Theyalan dialects at 1/3 skill in own
Author: Anias and others (1598)
Anias's Comment: A disappointment.

Firespeech Codex
Main Language: Dara Happan
Part Extant: J-N
Benefit: +15% Read Dara Happan; +05% Yelm Cult Lore
Author: Pious Goldbreath (c.1200 ST)
Anias's Comment: A massive and pompous tome, compiled before the advent of organized documentation and mostly incomplete, with a tendency to stray from the subject; yet grammatically sound.

Survey of the Western Tongues
Main Language: Esrolian
Part Extant: "Vadeli" vol. lost
Benefit: +25% Read Brithini; +15% most other Western Languages
Author: Vasil of Brithos (date uncertain)
Anias's Comment: This work begins with a fallacy (that the written languages of the West predate Brithos) and ends with an untruth (that, as a logical consequence of the author's argument, sorcerous magic is at its most potent when uttered in the Brithini tongue.)

The Red Emperor's New Pelorian
Main Language: New Pelorian
Part Extant: All
Benefit: +20% Read New Pelorian
Author: Imperial University of Glamour (1620)
Anias's Comment: A bold attempt to standardize speech across the Empire, this work is now in urgent need of revision.

From Sartarite to New Pelorian: A Guidebook for the Neophyte
Main Language: Sartarite/New Pelorian
Part Extant: All
Benefit: +25% Read, Write and Speak New Pelorian; +05% Seven Mothers Cult Lore
Author: Sacred Consistory of the Provincial Church (1550)
Anias's Comment: A valuable aid, once one sifts out the propaganda.

Greeting of the Pelorian Lowlands
Main Language: Tradetalk
Part Extant: All
Benefit: Say "Hello" in the various dialects of Peloria
Author: Unknown (unknown)
Anias's Comment: Obviously pitched at traders, this work is excellent within its narrowly defined limits.

Carmanian as She is Spoke
Main Language: Dara Happan
Part Extant: A-Q,V,Y-Z
Benefit: Read Carmanian at 1/3 Read Dara Happan
Author: Paulis Longvale (1621)
Anias's Comment: Vapid and prolix.

Esrolian Pronounciation Guide
Main language: New Pelorian
Part Extant: A, L, P-Z
Benefit: +30% Speak Esrolian
Author: Eudoxus of Nochet, priest of this temple (1612)
Anias's Comment: Uninspired foppism.

Sartarite Common Useage
Main Language: Sartarite
Part Extant: Bat - Revolt
Benefit: Read Sartarite +25%
Author: Claymore Stormsong, associate sage of this temple (1615)
Anias's Comment: A guttural piece of unscholarly writing, it is a subversive pamphlet without redeeming literary value.

How to Write your own Name
Main Language: Tradetalk
Part Extant: All
Benefit: +75% Write Own Name
Author: Grey Sage Quintus Namdarian (head of the "Free Educationist" faction) (1605)
Anias's Comment: A waste of good parchment.

Main Language: Tradetalk
Part Extant: Owhh-Ughh
Benefit: +30% Speak Baboon
Author: Sword Savant Rastus Pinkeye, late of this temple (1580)
Anias's Comment: An unnecessary attempt to understand and imitate the barbarous shrieks of the Baboons; rightly banned ever since a junior acolyte mispronounced a phrase and accidentally summoned a malignant baboon ancestor-spirit.

Alchemical Nomenclature Made Easy
Main Language: Pavic
Part Extant: Vol.2
Benefit: May be poisoned by Black Fang
Author: Phlogiston, master of natural philosophy at this temple (1600)
Anias's Comment: Adequate.

The 1000 Pictograms of Vayobi
Main Language: Esrolian
Part Extant: 813
Benefit: +05% Read Kralorelan; +25% Kralorelan Calligraphy
Author: Thredbo the Wild Sage, once of this temple, currently on his travels (1597)
Anias's Comment: Technically and pedagogically brilliant, but of little practical use.

The Sibliant Tongue of Ouroboros
Main language: Auld Wyrmish
Part Extant: Dip-Yaah (not yet complete)
Benefit: +10% Read Auld Wyrmish, if at least 11% is known
Author: Procopius, Temple Procurer (1612)
Anias's Comment: Of interest only to pedants.

Pavic for the Praxian Animal Nomad (macrame edition)
Language: Praxian (knots)/Pavic
Part Extant: All
Benefit: Speak Pavic at 1/3 Read Praxian knots
Author: Karin Kareetha, initiate of this temple (1611)
Anias's Comment: A valiant but inevitably futile attempt to educate ignorant savages in the ways of civilized speech.

My Darktongue Dictionary
Language: Esrolian
Part Extant: All
Benefit: Read Darktongue +30%
Author: Theodopulos Pandarus, Temple Collator (1614)
Anias's Comment: Mediocre

Darktongue Enlightened
Language: Esrolian
Part Extant: Fire-damaged
Benefit: Read Darktongue +15%
Author: Capybarus the Thinker, recently joined the Exclusivist faction (1620)
Anias's Comment: A contemporary masterpiece that excels in clarity and completeness. Highly acclaimed.

Conversational Broo
Language: Broo
Part Extant: Parchment is badly mottled and decayed, making handling difficult and reading almost impossible. Only a few scant phrases can be deciphered: "Let's make love, baby", "Excuse me while I sneeze".
Benefit: Prolonged handling leads to exposure to Joint Rot, The Shakes and Soul Waste
Author: Squiord the Reckless (deceased) (1592)
Anias's Comment: A sad epitaph for the career of one of our most promising apprentices, sadly cut short.

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