Why we are asking you for all that signup info?


First and Last Name: We’re asking for your first and last name for mailing purposes (and also because it tends to make people a bit more polite on forums). You can, of course, put in a false name (for example, Argrath Dragonlord and Jar-eel Razoress are still not taken!). Just remember to change it if you buy something – your name is the name we use for the mailing labels!

Short Bio and Playing Information: We are asking you your bio and playing information instead of using capchas (since Rick Meints hates them and they cause Jeff Richard to babble about bats trying to eat his soul). The info is only visible to signed in users and helps us identify spam signups to the site. Even putting just “No” in the bio, and then leaving the Do You Play part at “No” is helpful. If you don’t want people to see what you’ve written you can hide it in your profile settings by clicking profile and edit.
Another helpful thing you can do is add an avatar – profile and add avatar, spambots don’t add those (yet). We receive on average 233 attempted spam signups a day, and a couple do get through, so this info helps keep the site free from junk and spam.

If you are unhappy with having an account on this site, you can delete it completely from your profile under settings and delete account.

Remember you can buy stuff and browse the site without signing up. If you want to comment or take part in the forums, you will need to sign up.