1631-1658 The Reign of Argrath, King of Sartar

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1631-1632Argrath invades Tarsh with Grazer help. Pharandros captured. He and his sister, Estal Donge, are imprisoned in the City of Wonders.CHoDP (KOS)AAN (KOS)
JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1631Argrath marries the Feathered Horse Queen [[again?]]
1631Bagnot sacked.JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1632Seige of Furthest. Mularik storms the walls.JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1632Argrath conquers TarshHWTD (KOS)
1632-1636Reign of MularikHWTD (KOS)
1632-1653Reign of MarofloHWTD (KOS)
1634Argrath betrothed to the infant queen of Holay. She is sent to Kero Fin to be raised.CHoDP (KOS)HWTD (KOS)
1634Argrath begins building the Temple of the Reaching StormCHoDP (KOS)
1635Arfritha clan rejoins Colymar tribe.JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1635Battle of Yoran — Argrath routed.CHoDP (KOS)HWTD (KOS)
1635-1638Argrath escapes the Battle of Yoran, meets Gonn Orta, raises Bison ArmyCHoDP (KOS)
1635-1638Lunars occupy Dragon Pass. They capture and torture the Grazer king, then plunder the Queen’s Own Temple
[[Where is this — Kero Fin?]]
1637Infant queen goes to Boldhome.
Battle of Hound Knob.
JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1638Lunars attack the Queen of Holay.AAN (KOS)
1638Argrath returns leading a Bison army. Annstad of Dunnstop raises the forces of Dragon Pass. Giants join them.CHoDP (KOS)
1638Penraltan the Killer fights at the side of giants.JB (KOS), The Grazers
1638Battle of Dwernapple.CHoDP (KOS)HWTD (KOS)
1638Battle of Dwernapple.
Queen Leika killed.
JB (KOS), Events of My LifeJB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1638-1648Orlgandi is King of the Colymar tribe.JB (KOS), The Colymar BookJB (KOS), Events of My Life
1639-1641Fighting in SairdJB (KOS), Events of My Life
1640The Composite History of Dragon Pass writtenCHoDP (KOS)HWTD (KOS)
1641First Auroch hunt in 500 years!JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1643Annstad of Dunstop, King of Tarsh, diesCHoDP (KOS)
1643Argrath marries the Queen of HolayAAN (KOS)
1643Argrath weds InkarneHWTD (KOS)
1643Reign of Inkarne beginsHWTD (KOS)
1643-1652Reign of InstandHWTD (KOS)
1645Argrath’s Lightbringers’ Quest
(according to a few revisionist scholars)
1645Protopius the Bright dies at the Battle of Dantofol.JB (KOS), The Grazers
1646Sheng Seleris establishes himself among them as leader once again.
(according to the revisionist historians)
1646The Battle of Dantolfol
(according to revisionist historians)
1646Argrath kills the Red Emperor
(according to revisionist historians)
1646For the first time in centuries, the lands of Peloria were covered with snow in this winter.AAN (KOS)
1646Sheng Seleris devours MoonsonHWTD (KOS)
1649Great Winter beginsHWTD (KOS)
1650The Battle of Gardint.
After this Argrath was the King of Dragon Pass, Saird, and Peloria.
1651Monster Empire shows itselfHWTD (KOS)
1652The FloodHWTD (KOS)CHoDP (KOS), The Sacred Kings
1652Reign of Londario beginsHWTD (KOS)
1655Red Moon fallsHWTD (KOS)
1658Apotheosis of ArgrathHWTD (KOS)
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