1625-1630 The Liberation of Sartar

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1625The Dragonrise
Dragon devours Temple of the Reaching Moon (Sartar), plus most of the powerful Lunars in Sartar.
SartarHoDP (GS)RH (GS)
JB (KOS), Events of My Life
RQG Family History
RQG 103
1625Liberation of PavisPraxRQG 125,
RQG Family History
1625Second battle at Moonbroth: The White Bull and his Praxians defeat the Lunar Army.PraxHoDP (GS)RQG 125
1625King Moirades of Tarsh seizes Alda-Chur1)CHoDP (KOS)
1625-1638Leika “Beti” is Queen of the Colymar tribe.JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1625Betrayal of General Fazzur
Fazzur is sent to recover Sartar after the dragon disaster. Meanwhile King Pharandros attempts to assassinate Fazzur’s most powerful supporters (without success).
Lunar TarshCHoDP (KOS)RQG Family History,126
1625Liberation of Sartar
Kallyr raises the tribes, routs Lunars/Fazzur at Dangerford.
[[Mostly consists of the Tarsh army, led by Fazzur]]
CHoDP (KOS)RQG Family History
1625Vistera, the Feathered Horse Queen killed during the Dragonrise.
Inkarne becomes Feathered Horse Queen known as “Reaches All”.
GrazelandsHoDP (GS)
1625Jadetin the Avenger becomes Luminous Stallion King.HoDP (GS)
1625Kallyr becomes Prince of SartarCHoDP (KOS)RQG Family History
1625-1626Reign of Kallyr as Prince of SartarCHoDP (KOS)ZL (KOS)
1625Kallyr gains the loyalty of the Telmori, Thunder Brothers, & Argrath White BullCHoDP (KOS)HoDP (GS)
1625Shaker Priestess appoints Unstey of Wintertop to be the king of the Tarsh Exile clans.Old TarshRQG 132
1625-1643Reign of UnsteyHWTD (KOS)
1625During Sacred Time Kallyr attempts the Short Lightbringer’s Quest, which fails.HoDP (GS)
1626Battle of Queens / Battle of Old Top.
Kallyr is killed.
Queen Beti Leika drives Lunar off, Lunars retreat to Alda-Chur.
JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1626Kallyr is killed by Moirades1).AB (KOS)
1626Chief guildsman of Alda-Chur murdered. Lunars repelled/expelled.HoDP (GS)CHoDP (KOS)
1626Harrek the Berserk and his Wolf Pirates return to Choralinthor Bay raiding and plundering. Seapolis is destroyed.HoDP (GS)
1626The leaderless Hendriki are unable to stop Queen Gagix Two-Barb and her Chaos demons.HoDP (GS)
1627Battle of Sword Hill (outside of Alda-Chur)JB (KOS), Events of My LifeHoDP (GS)
1627Argrath visits Queen Leika and is accepted into the Colymar tribe.JB (KOS), Events of My LifeHoDP (GS)
1627Argrath lights the Flame of Sartar.
Alda-Churi, Pol-Joni, and Kerofini follow him.
JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1627After being insulted Harrek and his men sack Boldhome.AAN (KOS)
1627Argrath crowned as “King of Sartar”ZL (KOS)HWTD (KOS)
1627-1658Reign of ArgrathHWTD (KOS)
1627-1655Reign of ArgrathHoA (KOS,GS)
1627-1673Argrath is King of SartarAB (KOS)
1628Warfare against Wolf Pirates in HendrikilandJB (KOS), Events of My Life
????Argrath brings aurochs back.CHoDP (KOS)
1628Broos and other Chaos horrors swarm from Snakepipe Hollow and the Footprint.GtG
1628Battle of Heroes.
Harrek kills Jar-eel.
JB (KOS), Events of My Life
????Argrath [[which one?]] hunts down the TelmoriAAN (KOS)
1629Telmori quarrel with Argrath of Pavis.JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1629Colymar fight against the DinacoliJB (KOS), Events of My Life
1629Argrath marries the Feathered Horse Queen.CHoDP (KOS)AAN (KOS)
JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1629-1658Argrath is “King of Dragon Pass”ZL (KOS)
1630Wolf Pirates sack Wilmskirk. Harrek plunders Boldhome.JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1630Fazzurites ask Prince Argrath for help against Pharandros.CHoDP (KOS)
1630The Battle of DenstonAB (KOS), Mularik Fragment
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1) The death of Moirades has been listed for the year 1610 in CHoDP (KOS) (see 1602-1612 The Fall of the Kingdom of Sartar). So this should be Pharandros probably.

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