1616-1625 The Conquest of the Holy Country

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1616Wolf Pirates Navy
Wolf Pirates crush Holy Country fleet
RQG Family HistoryGtG
GS 33
1616Battle of the Lion King’s Feast.
Holy Country army is destroyed by barbarian invaders (Ditali and Solanthi) led by warlord Greymane.
RQG Family HistoryWF#15
GS 33
1616The god-king Belintar disappears (slain by Jar-eel), and the Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death fails to produce a replacement.EsroliaRQG Family HistoryGtG
GS 33,34,187
1617The Governor of Heortland dies performing a ritual; Richard the Tiger-Hearted seizes kingdom.HeortlandGtG
1617Broyan of Whitewall is declared King of the Hendrikings.GtG
1617On Ygg’s Island the piratical god Ygg chooses as champion. Harrek the Berserk becomes leader of the Wolf Pirates.GtG, Fronela
1617Over Winter General Fazzur Wideread receives orders to prepare to invade Kethaela to seize a port for trade.CHoDP (KOS), The Lost Chapter
1618Greymane’s Great Raid.
Solanthi and Ditali raid deeply into Esrolia
EsroliaRQG Family HistoryWF#15
1618The city Brol buys its safety from Greymane with a tremendous ransom.EsroliaRQG 112GtG
1618Dizbos is overrun by Greymane’s army.EsroliaGtG
1618The fire magicians of Solung defend the city against Greymane’s army vigorously enough to persuade the Warlord to accept a ransonm.GtG
1618Civil war in HeortlandHeortlandWF#15
1619Hendriking Campaign.
Lunars invade Hendrikiland / Heortland, take Karse 
CHoDP (KOS)RQG Family History
GS 188
1619King Broyan of the Hendrikings retreats to the fortress temple of Whitewall. Lunar siege begins.RQG Family HistoryGtG
GS 34
1619Lunar Army seizes Karse.JB (KOS), Events of My LifeGtG
1619-1620Grazelanders raiding in EsroliaEsroliaWF#15GtG
1620The goddesses Ernalda and Vinga confront the Feathered Horse Queen near Monros and force her army to retreat from Esrolia.EsroliaRQG 112
1620Heortland Campaign / Conquest of Malkonwal
Conquest of Heortland by Lunars
HeortlandRQG Family HistoryWF#15
GS 34
1620Richard the Tiger-hearted captured. He abdicates, then escapes.CHoDP (KOS)GtG
GS 34
1620Lunar Army seizes all Holy Country.JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1621Giant’s Cradle comes down Zola Fel River, escapes.
Sor-eel replaced as Governor of Prax.
PraxRQG Family History,126GS 35,43
Sun County
1621-1624Argrath sails with Harrek and his Wolf Pirates around the Inner Seas of Glorantha.AAN (KOS)GS 43
1621Internal dissent in Esrolia between pro- and anti-Lunar factionsEsroliaCHoDP (KOS)
1621Fall of Whitewall to Lunar Empire.
The gods Orlanth and Ernalda were proclaimed dead.
Windstop, Great Winter, Year One
SartarCHoDP (KOS)GtG
GS 34,35
RQG Family History
JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1621Fazzur then appointed general of Tarsh armies by Pharandros, King of Tarsh.Lunar TarshCHoDP (KOS)GS 36
1621Lunars burn down Gringle’s Pawnshop in Apple Lane and kill the local thane.GMSP 58
1621King Broyan appears at the city of Bullflood with a household of heroic companions at Orlanth’s High Holy DayCHoDP (KOS)GS 35
1621Fazzur replaced by Tatius the Bright.CHoDP (KOS)GS 35,188
1622Fazzur relieved of command, replaced by Tatius.Lunar TarshRQG 126CHoDP (KOS)
1622-1625Tatius the Bright is Governor of Dragon Pass.CHoDP (KOS)GS 37
1622History of Player Character beginsRQG Family History
1622Windstop, Great Winter, Year TwoRQG Family History
1622Civil War in Esrolia
Hendrikiland musters against Lunars. Pro-Lunar faction ousted from power in Esrolia.
EsroliaCHoDP (KOS)RQG Family History, 109
1622Samastina becomes Queen of Esrolia by overthrowing her pro-Lunar predecessor, Hendira, in a coup.EsroliaRQG 110GS 28,37,188
1622-1625Construction of a Temple of the Reaching Moon in Sartar.CHoDP (KOS)GS 37
1622Battle of the Porkers.
A large Tusker army from the Stinking Forest invades Tarsh. Slaughtered by local Tarshite militia lead by Fazzur Wideread.
WF#15GS 37
1622Tatius releases chaos horde from Larnste’s PrintCHoDP (KOS)GS 37
1622Orlanth is Dead.
Battle of the Auroch Hills.
King Broyan awakens Orlanth.
CHoDP (KOS)RQG Family History
GS 37,188
JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1622King Broyan of the Hendriki reclaims WhitewallSartarRQG 109
1623The Swarm.
A great Swarm of thousands of trolls, trollkin, Dehori, and insects of every variety crosses over the Western Rockwoods from Halikiv and enters Dragon Pass on its way to Dagori Inkarth.
WF#15RQG Family History
GS 37
1623King Broyan leads his army into Esrolia, defeating the Grazeland Horse Army.GtGGS 37
1623Red Earth, Old Earth.
Siege of Nochet.
Lunar fleet refused landing at Nochet City. Nochet besieged by Lunars.
1623Mirina, the Feathered Horse Queen, is killed fighting in Esrolia, while her sister Vistera leads a rebellion against her.GS 17
16231625Vistera is Feathered Horse Queen known as “With Bitter Heart”.GS 17,18
16231624Civil StrifeRQG Family History
1624Argrath, Harrek and the Wolf Pirates return to Three Step Isles.AAN (KOS)GS 37,43
1624The Sky Ship.
A Sartarite rebel army enters the Grazelands and protects a band of heroquesters as they raise a new planet in the heavens.
WF#15GS 37
1624Battle of Pennel Ford (also known as the Battle of Milran / Zarn Kados)
Harrek, Wolf Pirates, Warm Earth Alliance, Western barbarians attack Lunars at Pennel Ford. Western barbarians switch sides, but Lunars defeated.
RQG Family History
GS 37,188
1624Orlanth is freedHWTD (KOS)JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1624Argrath and White Bull Brothers liberate Corflu.CHoDP (KOS)
1624Jaldon Goldentooth SummonedRQG Family HistoryGS 37
1624Hendira, former Queen of Esrolia, dies at age 44.EsroliaGS 28
1624Sacking the City of Wonders
Wolf Pirates sack City of Wonders.
CHoDP (KOS)RQG Family History
GS 37
1624Temertain, “Prince” of Sartar, slain by “Humakti fanatics.”CHoDP (KOS)ZL (KOS)
GS 37
1624The Olontongi are formed as a new tribe during the Hendriking uprising out of the ruins of the Kultain and Sylangi tribes.SartarRQG 109
1624Daringle “the Warlord”, son of Dorasar “Prince of Pavis”, diesHoE (KOS)
1625Liberation of Pavis.
Argrath Whitebull liberates Pavis. Army then destroyed by a demon while on its way to Sartar.
GS 38
1625King Broyan of Whitewall slain by a demon.CHoDP (KOS)GS 38
1625Leika survives the magical assault from the Lunar College of Magic that kills King Broyan.GMSP 23
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