1613-1616 Rebellion in Sartar

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1613Events of the “Sartar High Council”WF#7
1613Starbrow’s Rebellion (aka Battle of Orlanth the Loser)SartarRQG Family HistoryRuneQuest 2
The Composite History of Dragon Pass
1613Colymar are among the rebellious tribesThe Composite History of Dragon Pass
The Colymar Book
1613Kallyr also leads Culbrea and Kheldon and some Uroxi and TelmoriThe Composite History of Dragon Pass
1613She also has mercenaries from Ethilrist, aid from Poljoni, possibly Stormwalkers. They beseige Jonstown and Wilmskirk.DP#3
1613Fazzur Wideread defeats Kallyr Starbrow’s Sartar Free Army at Larnste’s Table.SartarRQG 107
1613Temertain found. He “arranges” a peace accord.DP#3
1613Ducks made scapegoats of the entire affairThe Composite History of Dragon Pass (KoS 1ed)
1613Euglyptus dies (killed, replaced by Fazzur, of the Orindori/Blacktooth clan of Tarsh)The Composite History of Dragon Pass
1613Harvar Ironfist and the Aldachuri rejoin Tarsh.The Composite History of Dragon Pass
1613Lunars sever three clans from the Colymar Tribe.Events of My Life
1613Original Colymar clans of the Lysang and Namolding become part of the Malani tribe.GMSP 17
1613Uroxi are scarce in Sartar. Orgwaha comes to Boldhome for Storm Bull ceremony.The Composite History of Dragon Pass
1613Leika Ballista/Beti Leika becomes King of the Colymar Tribe.
[[is this right?]]
GMSP 10The Colymar Book
1613The Red Emperor appoints Fazzur Wideread the Governor-General of Dragon Pass.RQG Family History
1614Beti Leika becomes King of the Colymar Tribe.
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Events of My Life
1614Grazers raid against Lunar Provincial Goverment/forcesWF#15
1614Greymane’s 1st Raid (Ditali raiding Esrolia)WF#15
1615The Dundealos tribal dynasty is destroyed by the Empire and replaced with Lunar settlers.SartarRQG 108
1615Leika Ballista is forced into exile and and leaves Sartar for Whitewall.GMSP 12 & 22
1615Blackmoor the Rabid seizes Colymar Kingship. Lunar ally.GMSP 12Events of My Life
1615Anmangarn clan refuses to acknowledge Kangharl as tribal king.GMSP 17
1615-1625Kangharl “Blackmoor” is King of the Colymar.GMSP 12
1615Grazeland Campaign
Grazelanders dispute with Lunars, leades to war. Grazers aided by beastmen.
RQG Family HistoryWF#15
1615-1616Heortlanders raiding against “Sartar”WF#15
1616“Ironhoof’s Year”
[[Is this when he returns?]]
1616White Bull Society formed in PraxRQG Family History
1616Wolf Pirates Navy
Wolf Pirates crush Holy Country fleet
RQG Family HistoryGlorantha: Genertela
1616Harrek invades the Rightarm IslandsGlorantha: Genertela
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