1602-1612 The Fall of the Kingdom of Sartar

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1602Runegate Fort is destroyed by the Crimson Bat.SartarCHoDP (KOS)RQG 107
GMSP 10 & 49
JB (KOS), Events of My Life
WF#12, “Fazzur Wideread”
1602Orlkarth was chosen by the survivors of Runegate to be King of the Colymar and was killed fighting at the Battle of BoldhomeGMSP 12
1602The Boldhome Campaign.
Tarshites and Grazers aid the Lunar Empire.
Boldhome sacked by the Lunar Empire.
SartarCHoDP (KOS)RQG 103
1602Fazzur leads the assault upon Boldhome.WF#12, “Fazzur Wideread”
1602The Crimson Bat is slain by a dragon during the attack.CHoDP (KOS)
1602Jar-eel leads the Imperial Bodyguard up the cliff face to storm Boldhome.GtG, Lunar Empire
1602The Chaos Ground at the edge of Stael’s Hills is created, when the Crimson Bat bleeds here.GMSP 37
1602Salinarg and his children Harsaltar, Enothea and Benera are killed together with the rest of the Household of Death.CHoDP (KOS)HoE (KOS)
1602Lunar Empire takes Quackford for itself and robs the Arnoring clan of much of his income.JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1602Sartar conquered by Lunar Empire.GtG
1602Maniski, father of Argrath, diesHoA (KOS)
1602-1603Fistivos Gravar is King of the Colymar.GMSP 12JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1602-1613Euglyptus the Fat is Governor of Dragon Pass.CHoDP (KOS)AB (KOS)
1603-1605Grazelanders raid in Esrolia (lead-up to Building Wall Battle)WF#15
1603-1613Kallai “Rockbuster” is King of the Colymar.GMSP 12 & 26JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1604Tarsh raids AggarWF#15
1604-1610Virkala Tor is Feathered Horse Queen known as “Riches Without Tears”.GS 17,18
1604King Moirades wins the Marriage Contest issued by the Feathered Horse Queen and marries Virkala Tor.GS 17
1604-1610Virkala Tor is Queen of Dragon Pass.GS 17,18
1604The year of your adventurer’s birth,RQG Family History
1605Building Wall Battle.
Lunars defeated by Holy Country
RQG Family HistoryWF#12
RuneQuest 2
1605The Building Wall erects itself by magic
during the Building Wall Battle and thwarts a large-scale Lunar invasion into Esrolia.
EsroliaRQG 113
1605Feint to the Sea.
Fazzur leads a feint into Hendriki lands
RQG Family HistoryWF#15
WF#12, “Fazzur Wideread”
1605Wolf Pirates establish massive base on the Three Step Islands.GtG
1605Inkarne, daughter of Virkala and Moirades, born.GS 17,18
1605-1608Tusk Riders raid lands around the Stinking ForestWF#15
1606Yanioth “Two-Sight”, mother of Argrath, diesHoA (KOS)
1606Lunar assassins infiltrate Holy Country to kill remaining members of the House of Sartar.WF#12GtG
1606-1608Esrolians raid the GrazelandsWF#15
1606Annihilation of Maboder.
The Telmori wipe out a whole tribe under their fangs.
1607Telmori annihilate the core of the Maboder Tribe.CHoDP (KOS)
Conquest of the Telmori.
Telmori defeated by Duke Jomes Wulf
1607 or 1608Pol-joni defeated in battle by Praxian nomads.CHoDP (KOS)
1608(First) Invasion of Prax.
Lunars unsuccessfully invade Prax.
CHoDP (KOS)RQG Family History
1609The Boar Hunt.
Persistent raiding by the tusk riders rallied their foes.
1609Ditali begin raiding of EsroliaWF#15
1609-1618Intermittent war between Holy Country and Ditali tribe, fomented and encouraged by Lunar agents.GtG
1610Jar-eel Liberates the King
Jar-eel the Razoress kills Moirades. the king’s eldest son Pharandros becomes King of Tarsh.
RQG Family HistoryCHoDP (KOS)
GtG, Lunar Empire
GS 22
1610Miskander, powerful mystical advisor to King Moirades, exiled by Jar-eel the Razoress.Old TarshRQG 133
1610The Demivierge of Rhigos comes to power.GtG
1610Second Invasion of Prax
Lunar Empire invades Prax.
Battle of Moonbroth — Bison & Impala tribes defeated by Lunars and Sables
PraxRQG Family History & 119-122WF#12
1610Conquest of Pavis.PraxRQG 125WF#15
JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1610Fazzur proposed the invasion plan.WF#12, “Fazzur Wideread”
1610-1632Pharandros is King of Tarsh.CHoDP (KOS)KoT (KOS)
GS 22
1610Virkala Tor dies under mysterious circumstances.GS 17
1610-1623Mirina is Feathered Horse Queen known as “Single Matron Woman”.GS 17,18
1606-1611Civil unrest in Alda-Chur over the Lunar presence in the city.CHoDP (KOS)
1611Harvar Ironfist of the Vantaros tribe establishes himself as the ruler of Alda-Chur with the aid of the Yelmalio Cult.GtG
1611Defeat of the Righteous Wind.
Harvar Ironfist, the Prince of Alda-Chur suppresses the local Orlanthi cult with fire, sword and blood.
JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1611Rulers of the Far Place pledge their loyalty to Tarsh.GtG
1611Fazzur recalled to Tarsh.WF#12, “Fazzur Wideread”
1611Lunar settlers begin arriving to settle in the Valley of Cradles in Prax.WF#12
1611The Founding of the Wooden Sword.WF#11
1612Lunars and Sartarites are “wooing” Sazdorf trollsWF#12
1612Serternas the Bright becomes Count of Sun
1612-1624Reign of Temertain as Prince of SartarZL (KOS)
1613-1616Next section – Rebellion in Sartar

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