1557-1600 Conflict with the Lunar Empire

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1557-1561Reign of Jarosar as Prince of SartarSD (KOS,GS)WF#12
1558Moirades, son of King Phargentes, born.CHoDP (KOS)ID (GS)
1558-1565Orlgandi is King of the Colymar.GMSP 11JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1560Helkos, son of Kostajor “Wolf-Champion”, bornHoA (KOS,GS)
1560Tarkalor Trollkiller defeats the Kitori and reestablishes the Volsaxing kingdom.GtG
1560Valinalda, niece of Valinyr, is born to House Delainaeo in Esrolia.EsroliaHoDP (GS)
1561Grandparents of Player Characters are bornRQG Family History
1561Salinarg, son of Korlaman, son of Eonistaran “The Sage”, bornHoE (KOS,GS)
1561Arene “Thunderqueen”, daughter of Minara, bornHoA (KOS,GS)
1561-1582Reign of Tarkalor Trollkiller as Prince of SartarSD (KOS,GS)HoA (KOS,GS)
1562Portion of Sazdorf Tribe leaves Division Woods fleeing southwards in the attempt to escape the Telmori. The settle in in a haunted ruin in Battle Valley.TP
1562-1564Vinkizzie clan-chief (Elkoi Citidel) raids Lunar Provinces.Griffin Mountain
1564Fazzur Wideread born.WF#12, “Fazzur Wideread”
1564Queen Imarjira is forced to abdicate.EsroliaHoDP (GS)
1564-1585Valinyr “the Sage” is Queen of Esrolia.EsroliaHoDP (GS)
1564Tarsh sends army against Balazar.Griffin Mountain
1565Battle of Dwarf Ford.
Jarolar Longstride is killed aiding the Alda-Churi against an invasion from the Lunar king.
His younger son, Jarosar, is rescued by Kostajor Wolf-Champion, a Telmori warrior.
1565Reverend Grandmother Brengala, former Queen of Esrolia, is killed.EsroliaHoDP (GS)
1565Jarosar becomes Prince of Sartar.CHoDP (KOS)GtG
1565-1569Reign of Jarosar as Prince of SartarCHoDP (KOS)ZL (KOS)
1565-1573Umathkar is Queen of the Colymar.GMSP 11JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1565-1582Verala Tor is Feathered Horse Queen known as “Mother of Lands”.HoDP (GS)
1565Sorana, daughter of Verala Tor, bornHoDP (GS)
1567–1593Varthanis Brighthelm, who aided Dorasar and received the gift of our patience, is Count of Sun Dome Temple in Prax.PraxPTtDSC
1569Prince Jarosar is killed by Lunar spirits.GtGHoDP (GS)
1569-1582Reign of Tarkalor Trollkiller as Prince of SartarZL (KOS)CHoDP (KOS)
1569-1582Tarkalor is “King of Dragon Pass”ZL (KOS)GtG
after 1569Tarkalor makes peace with the Sun worshippers.
Monrogh Lantern returns with Yelmalio from a Heroquest to the Sun God.
1570Goram “White Fang”, son of Kostajor “Wolf-Champion”, bornHoA (KOS,GS)
1570Dragonewts first seen acting as mercenaries for LunarsAB (KOS)ERDH (GS)
1572Tarkalor builds a fortress to watch against the Lunar Empire (against resistance of the Colymar).GMSP 10
1572Nomads revolt in Pavis and are defeated by Dorasar and the forces of Pavis.PraxPTtD
1573-1577Penterest is King of the Colymar.GMSP 11JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1575Tarkalor marries the Feathered Horse QueenCHoDP (KOS)HoDP (GS)
1575-1582Verala Tor is Queen of Dragon Pass.HoDP (GS)
1575Saraskos, son of Tarkalor and Verala Tor is born.FHQ (GS)
1575New Pavis is settled by Sartar colonistsPraxCoPRunequest 2
1577-1582Kenstrel is King of the Colymar.GMSP 11JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1579Dorasor “Prince of Pavis” diesPraxHoE (KOS,GS)PTtD
1579Phargentes dies peacefully.CHoDP (KOS)GtG
1579King Tarkalor grants the land of the Sun Dome Temple to the cult after defeating the Kitori who previously ruled the areaSartarGtGRQG 108
1579-1610Moirades is the fifteenth King of TarshCHoDP (KOS)KoT (KOS)
1579-1610Moirades is “King of Dragon Pass”ZL (KOS)
1580Red Emperor orders the plan for building a new Lunar Temple in Sartar funded and implemented.GtG
1580Yanioth “Two-Sight”, daughter of Arene “Thunderqueen” and mother of Argrath, bornHoA (KOS,GS)
1580Hendira, daughter of Norina and daughter-in-law of Valinalda, is born to House Norinel.EsroliaHoDP (GS)
1580Dormal sails to Handra, Three-Step Islands, then back to Holy Country
… this begins The Opening of the Seas.
Holy CountryGtGHoDP (GS)
RQC, “Holy Country”
1581The Kitory troll packer Black Pack found by Sazdorf hunters. First contact between Kitori trolls and Sazdorf clan.TP
1582-1591Estavos is King of the Colymar.GMSP 11JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1582Territories cut off by the Syndic’s Ban start to open again.JB (KOS)
1582Parents of Player Characters are born by this year.RQG Family History
1582First naval battle of the new era: Alatan defeats Holy CountryHoly CountryGtGRQC, “Holy Country”
1582Eonistaran “The Sage” diesHoE (KOS,GS)SD (GS)
1582Vostor Blacktooth marches against Bagnot.
The Lunars ravage the Bush Range.
1582Sartar and the Grazers send troops to aid the Tarsh Exiles.CHoDP (KOS)HoDP (GS)
1582Battle of Grizzly Peak.
Tarkalor killed. Feathered Horse Queen killed.
Tarkalor’s son Terasarin is rescured by Kostajor Wolf-Champion.
Lunar TarshCHoDP (KOS)GtG
RQG Family History, 129
WF#12, “Fazzur Wideread”
RuneQuest 2
1582Tarsh conquered, though popular discontent remains a threat in some regions.GtGRH (GS)
1582Terasarin becomes Prince of Sartar.CHoDP (KOS)ZL (KOS)
RuneQuest 2
1582-1600Reign of Terasarin as Prince of Sartar.ZL (KOS)SD (KOS,GS)
1582-1604Sorana is Feathered Horse Queen known as “Splendid among the Proud”.HoDP (GS)
1582Bagnot falls, Exiles retreat to/are contained at Kero Fin.CHoDP (KOS)GtG
WF#12, “Fazzur Wideread”
1582Battle of Alda-ChurRQG Family HistoryCHoDP (KOS)
1582Far Point region joins Sartar; other Tarsh rebels do not.CHoDP (KOS)WF#12
RuneQuest 2
1582Pharandros born.CHoDP (KOS)
1582Rurik Runespear born.WF#13
1583Alone founded by Prince Terasarin of Sartar for Tarshite survivors of the Battle of Grizzly Peak.SartarCHoDP (KOS)RQG 106
1584Virkala Tor, daughter of Sorana, born.HoDP (GS)
1585Alatan unity destroyed by Pasos and the Holy
Holy CountryGtGRQC, “Holy Country”
1585Valinyr retires to become Reverend Grandmother.EsroliaHoDP (GS)
1585-1610Valinalda “the Rich” is Queen of Esrolia.EsroliaHoDP (GS)
1586Mirina, daughter of Sorana, born.HoDP (GS)
1586Holy Country expedition reaches Teshnos, and opens the port of Dosakayo.Holy CountryGtGRQC, “Holy Country”
1587Holy Country fleet destroyed in KralorelaHoly CountryGtGHoDP (GS)
RQC, “Holy Country”
1587Syndics Ban begins to thaw.GtG, Fronela
1587Terasarin’s younger brother Saraskos killed in the Holy Country.CHoDP (KOS)HoDP (GS)
1587First party with human Kitori stops at the Sazdorf settlement.TP
1589-1610Moirades is “King of Dragon Pass”GtG
1590Tarsh finally pacified by Lunar EmpireGtG
1591Kingdom of Sartar invaded by Lunar Empire.
Kingdom is secretly supported by Belintar the God-King.
1591Sazdorf clan destroys a “vile band” of adventurersThe Haunted Ruins
1591-1598Dangmet is King of the Colymar.GMSP 12JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1593-1612Varthanis II, who turned his Pavis palace over to the
Lunar commander, is Count of Sun Dome Temple in Prax.
1594Harrek awakens from hibernation.GtG, Fronela
1594Vistera, daughter of Sorana, born.HoDP (GS)
1594Harsaltar, son of Salinarg and “Wolf Woman”, bornHoE (KOS,GS)
1595Enothea, daughter of Salinarg and “Wolf Woman”, bornHoE (KOS,GS)
1596Benera, daughter of Salinarg and “Wolf Woman”, bornHoE (KOS,GS)
1597Lunar assassins kill members of the Sartar royal house in the Holy CountryRQG Family HistoryRH (GS)
1597Minaryth Blue born at Tarkalor Keep.JB (KOS), Events of My Life
1598The Opening. Ships begin docking at Corflu again.PraxSC
1598-1602Jarstakos is King of the Colymar.GMSP 12JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1599Argrath born.HoA (GS)
1600Terasarin killed by a dinosaur.
Salinarg crowned as Prince of Sartar.
JB (KOS), Events of My Life
WF#12, “Fazzur Wideread”
1600-1602Reign of Salinarg as Prince of Sartar.ZL (KOS)GtG
1602-1612Next section – The Fall of the Kingdom of Sartar

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