1535-1556 The Conquest of Tarsh

1492-1535Previous section – The Foundation of the Kingdom of Sartar
1535-1552Dangmet is King of the Colymar.GMSP 11JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1535Phoronestes is poisoned. Philigos becomes King of Tarsh.CHoDP (KOS)GtG
1535Pavis Compendium #1,234: BoldhomeJB (KOS), Boldhome
1535-1555Philigos is the twelfth King of Tarsh.CHoDP (KOS)KoT (KOS)
1538Tarsh rebels against Lunar Empire.
King Philigos is overthrown.
1538Prince Saronil, the son of Sartar, aids the Tarshite rebel Palashee Longaxe and the Shaker’s Temple to drive the Lunars out of Dragon Pass.GS 22CHoDP (KOS)
RuneQuest 2
1538Palashee destroys Temple of the Reaching Moon.
King Philigos and his family escape barely to Sylila.
1538-1555Palashee Longaxe is King of TarshGS 22CHoDP (KOS)
1539Sartar apotheosizes.RuneQuest 2
1539Minara, daughter of Jostharl and Onelisin “Cat Witch”, bornHoA (KOS)
1539Rana, daughter of Jostharl and Onelisin “Cat Witch”, bornHoA (KOS)
1539Ondurisa, daughter of Jostharl and Onelisin “Cat Witch”, bornHoA (KOS)
1539-1540The Dragonewts Dream1)GtG
1539-1541The Dragonewts Dream1)AB (KOS)
1539-1544The Dragonewts Dream (during the reign of Saronil)1)GS 22CHoDP (KOS)
1539Ancient city of Old Pavis reopened by Dragonewts DreamPraxGS 22
c. 1540-1546“Saronil and the Sad Lady” (famous ballad about Sarotar, son of Saronil, and his love Arkillia)ZL (KOS)
1541Kostajor “Wolf-Champion”, son of Ostling “Four-Wolf” and Onelisin “Cat Witch”, bornHoA (KOS)
1545Lunar Provincial Government formed in (northern) TarshGtG
1545-1555Civil war in Tarsh.GtG
1546Prince Sarotar killed in Holy CountryCHoDP (KOS)SD (KOS)
between 1546 & 1558Red Emperor organizes “South War” as an institution, reorganizes tribes and kings.The Fortunate Succession
1550Dorasor founds city of New Pavis.PraxRQG 125GtG
1550Telmori raid Division Woods, more humans enter as well.The Haunted Ruins
1550King Saronil is killed while rescuing his granddaughter. Jarolar becomes Prince of Sartar.CHoDP (KOS)ZL (KOS)
1550-1554/55Dragonewts Dream1)Cults of Prax
RuneQuest 2
1550-1565Reign of Jarolar as Prince of Sartar.CHoDP (KOS)ZL (KOS)
1552-1557Reign of Jarolar as Prince of Sartar.HoA (KOS)SD (KOS)
1552-1558Korlmar is King of the Colymar.GMSP 11JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1552Daringle “the Warlord”, son of Dorasar, bornHoE (KOS)
1555Battle of Karnge Farm — the sons of Phoronestes, Philigos and Phargentes, return.
King Philigos is slain.
1555Battle at Axefield.
Palashee Longaxe, King of Tarsh, slain.
Phargentes is crippled.
RuneQuest 2
1555Phargentes regaines the Kingship of Tarsh.CHoDP (KOS)GtG
1555-1579Phargentes is King of Tarsh.CHoDP (KOS)KoT (KOS)
1556Philigos slain, Palashee Longaxe slain, Phargentes becomes King of Tarsh.WF#12, “Fazzur Wideread”
1561-1602Next section – Conflict with the Lunar Empire

1) Note the discrepancy in the dates given for the Dragonewts Dream in the available sources. It looks like no one is really sure when it happened.

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