1470-1491 The Coming of Sartar

DateEventHomelandPrimary Secondary
1395-1470Previous section – The Kingdom of Tarsh
1470-1477Tastinim is King of Tarsh.CHoDP (KOS)KoT (KOS)
1470Sartar comes to Dragon Pass from Hendrikiland.HoDP (GS)CHoDP (KOS)
1470Feathered Horse Queen appears in the Grazelands.GtG
1476Enjossi performs a river ritual, brings salmon back to The River.GMSP 9,11,17JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1476Sartar saves Rostakos (Colymar King) from assassins, who are turned into termites.GMSP 10,11CHoDP (KOS)
JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1476?Sartar defeats Dunorl Tooth-winds (a Kolating), forces him into PraxCHoDP (KOS)
1476Sartar settles Kultain/Locaem vs. Balmyr/Sambari war by building Wilmskirk.
Sartar builds first of his great walls around Wilmskirk.
1477Tastinim killed fighting werewolves in Sikithi Land.CHoDP (KOS)RQ2
1477-1481Halifitoor is King of TarshCHoDP (KOS)KoT (KOS)
1478Hon-eel turns Telmor of Sylila into wolvesRH (GS)
1479-1491Ortossi is King of the Colymar.GMSP 11JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
c. 1480Sartar contacts dragonewts, negotiates for “permission” to build BoldhomeAB (KOS)ERDH (GS)
1480Sartar befriends the Telmori by giving them a new leader, Ostling Four-WolfCHoDP (KOS)RuneQuest 2
1480Sartar sets up the City Ring of the Jonstown Confederation from Telmori enemies (Torkani, Culbrea, Maboder, Cinsina)CHoDP (KOS)
1481Marofdul “assassinates” Halifitoor and becomes the ninth King of TarshCHoDP (KOS)
1481-1487Marofdul is King of TarshID (GS)
1485Bruvalaina, daughter of Bruvala, born into House Norinel in EsroliaEsroliaHoDP (GS)
1485Hon-eel defeats “Ernalda” in a beauty contest
[[where does this occur?]]
1486For defense against Praxians, Sartar forms Swenstown Confederation from Balkoth, Kheldon, Dundealos, Aranwyth Tribes.CHoDP (KOS)
1487Marofdul abdicates as King of Tarsh after his son, Pyjeemsab, offends the Grazers. Pyjeemsab becomes the tenth King of Tarsh.CHoDP (KOS)
1489Major Poljoni victory at Battle of Denzis Water.CHoDP (KOS)PTtD
1490Poljoni gain membership in Swenstown confederation, which was offered by Sartar.CHoDP (KOS)
1490Marofdul dies.ID (GS)
1490Hon-eel enters Tarsh miraculously. HoDP (GS)
1490Hon-eel marries Pyjeemsab (Pymaro III*), who is never seen again.HoDP (GS)CHoDP (KOS)
*WF#2, “The Carving of Tarsh”
1490Goldedge resists Lunar takeover, but falls.
Alda-Churi and Quivini slay Lunar supporters. Grazers send mercenaries, Holy Country sends volunteers.
1490/1491Battle of Dancing Sisters. Pro-Lunar Tarsh vs. anti-Lunar Tarsh. Lunars win, “Exiles” flee to Bagnot. Dunstop and Slavewall fall.CHoDP (KOS)
1490Tarsh falls to the Lunar Empire.GtGRQC, “Holy Country”
1490Sartar unifies tribes in eastern Dragon PassSartarGtGRQG 103
1490City of Thieves is established as a tradepost on the river, near the ancient city of Pavis.
Dragonewt’s Dream. Troll gates
1491Phoronestes, son of Hon-eel the Artess, is King of Tarsh, before he is born.GtGHoDP (GS)
1491Phoronestes born.CHoDP (KOS)KoT (KOS)
1491-1510Hon-eel the Artess reigns in Tarsh in the name of her son Phoronestes.HoDP (GS)
1492-1535Next section – The Foundation of the Kingdom of Sartar

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