1395-1470 The Kingdom of Tarsh

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1395–1440Ovartien’s son Yarandros is the fourth king of Tarsh. “Foundation” of the Kingdom of Tarsh.HoDP (GS)CHoDP (KOS)
c. 1395Jardankorda the Brave (Grazer chief) betrayed by Yarandros and slain in battle.CHoDP (KOS)
JB (KOS), The Grazers
c. 1400Locaem and Kultain Tribes enter Balmyr lands, force Balmyr out.CHoDP (KOS)
c. 1400The so-called “Fish Marriage” between the Narri and the ColymarGMSP 48
c. 1400Foundation of Pol-Joni tribe in Prax.
Binstarnif Awe, an orange-skinned foreigner from the
Joni tribe, lived around that time.
1401-1412Balablor the Good, son of Boburto, is ruler of Sun County.PraxPTtDSC
1402Grazers fight with Tarsh. Grazers lose, retreat into hills.HoDP (GS)GtG
1407-1418Venharl is King of the Colymar.GMSP 11JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1407The Varmandi clan and the Hiording destroy the Lonisi clan, which starts the Taral War.GMSP 20
1407-1410First Taral War.GMSP 9
1412-1420Melenst the Poem-Lover, the last of the pygmy Counts, is ruler of Sun County.PraxPTtDSC
1413The Colymar tribe intervenes in the Taral conflict and the Varmandi join the Colymar tribe.GMSP 20
1417-1425Zarran War. Drives the Malani out of the Afrithi Vale area.GMSP 8
1418-1440Robasart is King of the Colymar.GMSP 11JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1420Derek Poljoni leads his “clan” into the No Man’s Marsh in Prax.PraxCHoDP (KOS)GtG
RQG 122
1420He is aided by dragonewt mercenaries and Grazers.CHoDP (KOS)HoDP (GS)
1420Cattle eating, horse-riding people enter Prax, which results in trouble from angered natives.PraxPTtD
1420-1439Oloros the Blind, who imprisoned Malia during his reign, is ruler of Sun County.PraxPTtDSC
c. 1425Antorling clan (of the Colymar tribe) founded.GMSP 17
1430Eneera Tor born.HoDP (GS)
1432Bina Bang (at Castle of Lead in Dagori Inkarth) masters Lord Lurker in Shadows (a Dehori)TP
1435Dagori Inkarth trolls declare war against Lunars, offer their aid to TarshTP
1439-1458Skindilli Longlegs, who drove away Daga and made slaves of the Storm Bull men, is ruler of Sun County.PraxPTtDSC
c. 1440Quivini, Colymar, & Praxians raid Tarsh. Bagnot falls.GMSP 9JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1440-1450Intagarn is King of the Colymar.GMSP 11JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1440–1448Orios Longarms is the fifth king of the Tarsh dynasty.HoDP (GS)CHoDP (KOS)
1441Bruvala is born to House Norinel in EsroliaEsroliaHoDP (GS)
1448Orios accidently crosses border of Tork, releasing the Mad Sultanate. Orios’ army is destroyed and he is killed.HoDP (GS)
1448End of the dynasty of the Tarsh TwinsCHoDP (KOS)AB (KOS)
1448-1455Tarsh Civil WarCHoDP (KOS)KoT (KOS)
1448-1490The Illaro DynastyCHoDP (KOS)
1450-1470Religious turmoil among the Grazers – Vendref; women vs. men.CHoDP (KOS)
1450-1465Rastoron is King of the Colymar.GMSP 11JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1453Sheng Seleris routes the Mad Sultanate and sends the whole crazed mob into Dorastor.GtGRH (GS)
1455Erantha Gor (Maran Gor heroine) slain by Blond Arim.CHoDP (KOS)
1455The Temple of Maran Gor completes the Prayer to Sorana Tor. Temple is cleared of troublemakers.CHoDP (KOS)
1455Illaro crowned King of Tarsh, ending civil war.GtGRQ2
1455-1470Illaro Blacktooth is King of Tarsh.CHoDP (KOS)KoT (KOS)
1455-1535Eneera Tor is Feathered Horse Queen known as “Reaches Farthest”.HoDP (GS)
1458Sylilan army plunders Talfort. Filichet declares itself a Lunar dependent, but other cities expel Lunars.CHoDP (KOS)
1458-1498Narokoris the Wise, who trained all his people once again to the drill of spear and shield, and made his land peaceful, is ruler of Sun County.PraxPTtDSC
c. 1460Telmori cross The Creek (Dragon Pass), force the Torkani into the Indigo Mountains area.CHoDP (KOS)
c. 1460King Illaro ascends the throne of Tarsh. Sartarite raids diminish.GMSP 9
1460Belintar enables the Kitori of the Troll Woods to impose an ancient tribute upon the kings of Whitewall.Holy CountryGtG
1461Queen Bruvala of Nochet unites Esrolia and established Nochet’s primacy.EsroliaHoDP (GS)
1461-1510Bruvala is High Queen of EsroliaEsroliaHoDP (GS)
between 1460 & 1506Red Emperor organizes “Kingdom of Conflict” in the southThe Fortunate Succession
1469-1479Rostakos is King of the Colymar.GMSP 11JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1470Illaro Blacktooth dies during religious ceremony, Tastinim becomes King of Tarsh.CHoDP (KOS)
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