1297-1325 The Taming of Dragon Pass

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c. 1300Praxian Storm Bull hero Valatash Walker (a troll ally) active in [[Stormwalk?]] MountainsCoP
c. 1300Refugees from Lunars enter Balazar. Votanki/Balazarings hire out as mercenaries to neighborsGriffin Mountain
c. 1300Chief Colymar leads the Black
Spear clan into Dragon Pass from the south. Clearwine village settled by the Colymar from Hendrikiland.
SartarHoDP (GS)CHoDP (KOS)
c. 1300 –
c. 1335
Colymar, Founder, Father of Kings leads the Colymar.JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1301-1324Zolan III, singer, and son of Zolan, is ruler of Sun County.PraxPTtDSC
1313Belintar swims ashore in KethaelaKethaelaHoDP (GS)GtG
RQC, “Holy Country”
1317Belintar kills Andring, the king of the Hendriki, in hand to hand combat.GtGHoDP (GS)
1318Belintar kills the Only Old One and becomes God-King of the Holy CountryHoDP (GS)GtG
RQC, “Holy Country”
1318Colymar leads his Black Spear clan out of Hendrikiland and across the Crossline into the lands of Dragon Pass.GtG
c. 1320First wave of settlers comes into Dragon Pass: Balmyr, Hyalorings, Torkani, and the Tree Brothers.GMSP 7
c. 1320Torkani, Culbrea, Dundealos, Malani, Balmyr tribes enter Dragon PassSartarCHoDP (KOS)
c.1320Clearwine burned. Colymar enter a local hill fort.HoDP (GS)CHoDP (KOS)
1324-1328Zolan IV, who was infamously shot by an arrow,
is ruler of Sun County.
c. 1325The First Wave of settler comes into Dragon PassJB (KOS), The Colymar Book
c. 1325Raiders burn the settlement of Clearwine. Colymar and his clan take the hillfort as their home.GMSP 8,22JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
c. 1325Second wave of immigrants. Malani tribe enters Dragon Pass. Dundealos tribe follows and settles in the North.GMSP 8JB (KOS), The Colymar Book
1325The Hyaloring triaty settles in the lowlands near the Upland Marsh.GMSP 18,48
1325Scouts from the Holy Country enter Dragon
Pass and find Ironhoof and his human allies (the Grazelanders) there.
RQC, “Holy Country”
1328-1343Lorango, an Avenger of Brilliance, who could fly,
is the ruler of Sun County.
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