1297-1300 The Taming of Dragon Pass

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1297-1300Chaos raids out of Dorastor, probably due to elf problems.Dorastor: Land of Doom
c. 1300Clearwine village settled by the Colymar from Hendrikiland.SartarGS 14The Composite History of Dragon Pass (KoS 1ed)
c. 1300Praxian Storm Bull hero Valatash Walker (a troll ally) active in [[Stormwalk?]] MountainsCults of Prax
c. 1300Refugees from Lunars enter Balazar. Votanki/Balazarings hire out as mercenaries to neighborsGriffin Mountain
1300-1320Torkani, Culbrea, Dundealos, Malani, Balmyr tribes enter Dragon PassSartarThe Composite History of Dragon Pass (KoS 1ed)
1309Ingkot Axe-and-a-Half marries Hwarin DalthippaGS 167
1309-1316Ingkot & Hwarin subjugate Sylila. Many river folk travel upriver (towards/into Dragon Pass and/or Bilini)GS 167
1313Belintar swims ashore in KethaelaKethaelaGS 13
1316Sylila becomes a satrapy of the Lunar EmpireDorastor: Land of Doom
History of the Lunar Empire
1317Vanch defeated by Lunar EmpireGS 167
between 1301 & 1325Red Emperor marries Queen of VanchThe Fortunate Succession
1318Belintar becomes God-King of the Holy CountryGS 12“Holy Country”, RQ Companion 27
Glorantha: Genertela
c. 1320First wave of settlers comes into Dragon Pass: Balmyr, Hyalorings, Torkani, and the Tree Brothers.GMSP 7
1320-1325“1st Wave” of settlers begins entering Dragon PassThe Colymar Book, KoS 1ed
c.1320Clearwine burned. Colymar enter a local hill fort.GS 14The Composite History of Dragon Pass, KoS 1ed
c. 1325Raiders burn the settlement of Clearwine. Colymar and his clan take the hillfort as their home.GMSP 8 & 22
1325Clearwine burned. Colymar enter a local hill fort.The Colymar Book, KoS 1ed
c. 1325Second wave of immigrants. Malani tribe enters Dragon Pass. Dundealos tribe follows and settles in the North.GMSP 8
1325The Hyaloring triaty settles in the lowlands near the Upland Marsh.GMSP 18 & 48
1325Scouts from the Holy Country enter Dragon
Pass and find Ironhoof and his human allies (the
Grazelanders) there.
“Holy Country”, RQ Companion 27
1326Hwarin Dalthippa, ruler of Sylila, founds JillaroGS 15
between 1326 & 1333Gwythar Longwise attacks Ingkot & HwarinGS 167
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