1247-1297 The Inhuman Occupation

1042-1230Previous section – The Fall of the Empire of the Wyrms Friends
1237Trolls beat Praxians at the Paring Stones.
Troll invade Pavis
PraxGS 12,13AB (KOS)
1247Red Moon risesPeloriaGS 12GMSP 6
1250Battle of Alavan Argay. Pure Horse tribe in Prax defeated.PraxAB (KOS)GS 13
JB (KOS), The Grazers
RuneQuest 2
c. 1250Pure Horse tribe/Grazers settle in Dragon PassGrazelandsGS 13GMSP 6
Cults of Prax
RuneQuest 2
1260-1290Yanasdros the Sun is “King of Dragon Pass”ZL (KOS)GtG
1275Jannisor’s star disappears behind Moon, does not returnThe Glorious ReAscent of Yelm
1275Jannisor defeated by Star TwinsGS 163GtG, Lunar Empire
1275-1285Red Moon dramatically increases in brightnessThe Glorious ReAscent of Yelm
1279SkyburnGS 164
1297-1325Next section – The Taming of Dragon Pass

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