1042-1230 The Fall of the Empire of the Wyrms Friends

The Fall of the Empire of the Wyrms Friends

Introduction & Sources
1042Dragonewts rise and crush the heart of the EWF.HoDP (GS)
GM 13
EWF exterminated “overnight”; both trolls and dragonewts are involvedGtGTP
1044Dragonewts bring an end to human domination in Dragon PassAB (KOS)
1050Veskarthan erupts in rage and fury. The focus of the devastation is directed towards Slontos, but the kickback shakes all of Kethaela.GtG
1050Hendriki try to take Nochet by treachery, which results in the death of the king’s two brothers and hundreds of their best men. This begins the Adjustment Wars.GtG
1050-1148Adjustment Wars between Esrolia and the Hendriki.GtG
1100True Golden Horde formed, which provokes the Dragonkill War.TP
1100True Golden Horde invades Dragon PassGM 13
1100The Dragonkill War slays all humans in Dragon Pass and closes the area to settlement for over a century.AB (KOS)WF#14 17
CoP 117
1100Yelmalio leads the fight against the dragons in the Dragonkill War. Dragon Pass Yelmalio temples destroyed.CoP 51
1120Invincible Golden Horde marches on The Dragon’s EyeCHoDP (KOS)GtG
1120Dragonkill War. Dragon Pass closed to humansHoDP (GS)
Troll migration into Dragon Pass begins in strength shortly after the Dragonkill War.
After the Dragonkill War much of Dragon Pass was occupied by trolls.
WF#6 11
CoP 86
1120-1218Ironhoof is “King of Dragon Pass”ZL (KOS)GtG
1148The marriage between King Finelvanth the Flyer and Queen Aranda of Nochet ends the Adjustment Wars.GtG
1155Finelvanth betrays Aranda and is cursed by the priestesses of Ezel.GtG
1155-1168Aranda’s War.GtG
c.1180Two Uz races led by Kajakab the Brain‐eater and Karastand Halftroll begin their fightingCHoDP (KOS)GS 11,63
1200Elves and trolls met in the Battle of Cloaks and FirecloudsHoDP (GS)
1200-1250Elves flee Dragon Pass for Holy Country or Stinking Forest, apparently due to a large battle with trolls.HoDP (GS)CoT
c.1220Dragonewts destroy trolls after “Uz Eat Dragonewts” battleCHoDP (KOS)
1222Two troll armies met the dragonewts in battle and slaughtered them.
Beastmen destroy troll army, creating the Smoking Ruins
1230Dragonewts and elves unite to destroy troll factionsRQ2
1237-1297Next section – The Inhuman Occupation

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