A Timeline of Third Age Dragon Pass and the surrounding areas (2021)

Originally from 1997, and based on a variety of published sources at the time.


The tables shown in the sections listed below provide a timeline of Dragon Pass for the period commonly called the Third Age. Events large and small are included, both to allow use of the timeline as a source of campaign background, and also to allow for local color within a game or campaign. Please note that only years have been provided for events, even when more specific dating may be possible. This was done to ensure consistency among these events; readers are encouraged to refer to the original sources for more information.

This timeline focuses on Dragon Pass in the Third Age, but events in neighboring lands or from the end of the Second Age have been included in many cases, where it was felt that they had an important impact on the land or peoples of Dragon Pass.

This is as comprehensive a list of dates as created from published sources, but additions, corrections, and alternate interpretations are welcomed. Although no unpublished material has been used to compile this timeline, some of the sources may be unfamiliar to readers.

Finally, no “unofficial” sources have been used to compile this timeline.

Some notes regarding the sources used

Sources are listed in the timeline using abbreviations, which are explained in the table below. In the timeline these abbreviations are linked to the respect entry for the source document in the Well of Deliath. Source entries also may include a number or a list of numbers. These refer to the respective page(s) in the listed source. In many cases chapter titles are used instead.

AbbreviationReferenced source
GtGThe Guide to Glorantha
For the timeline the Third Age Timeline as well as the Dragon Pass and the Holy Country chapters from Vol. I and the The Wastelands chapter from Vol. II have been used. Also information from the Lunar Empire chapter has been used, but only if related to events located in the Dragon Pass, and these entries are marked accordingly.
GSThe Glorantha Sourcebook
This book contains several chapters, which are not related to this timeline. Only the following chapters are referenced here:
  • HoDP – History of Dragon Pass
  • ERDH – The Elder Races, Dragonewt History
  • ERUH – The Elder Races, Uz History
  • RH – The Redline History of the Lunar Empire
In addition the Sourcebook contains several family tree charts with historical dates. The charts used for this timeline are:
  • FHQ – The Feathered Horse Queens
  • ID – The Illaro Dynasty
  • SD – Sartar Dynasty – House of Saronil
  • HoE – Sartar Dynasty – House of Eonistan
  • HoA – Sartar Dynasty – House of Argrath
The above abbreviations will be listed together with the “GS” abbreviation, e.g. “HoDP (GS)”. In several cases the family tree charts are nearly identical to the respective family trees in “King of Dragon Pass” (see below). In these cases both source abbreviations will be listed with the abbreviation for the family tree chart, e.g. “SD (KOS,GS)”.
KOSKing of Sartar
“How a Man Became a God”

This book contains several “documents”. The “documents” used in this timeline will be listed in the source columns with the following abbreviations:
  • AAN – Annotated Agrath’s Saga
  • ZL – The Zin Letters
  • CHoDP – The Composite History of Dragon Pass
  • AB – The Argrath Book
  • JB – Jalk’s Book
  • This document contains several sections (The Colymar Book, Events of My Life, Boldhome, The Grazers, Report on the Orlanthi), which are referenced together with the document link, if used in the timeline.
In addition the book contains several tables and family tree charts with historical dates, which are not always part of the above “documents”. The tables and charts used for this timeline are:
  • SD – Sartar Dynasty
  • HoE – House of Eonistan
  • HWTD – The Hero Wars, Traditional Dates
  • KoT – Kings of Tarsh
  • HoA – House of Argrath
The above abbreviations will be listed together with the “KOS” abbreviation, e.g. “CHoDP (KOS)”. Although this book is available in two editions, the information listed in this timeline will be identical in both editions in most cases. But even in cases, where the information from these editions differs, the information from the first edition has been superseded by the second revised edition. Therefore (and because the first edition is no longer in print) information in the timeline is based on the second edition.
RQGRunequest – Roleplaying in Glorantha
Mainly the Family History and the Homeland descriptions are used for this timelime.
GMSPRunequest – Gamemaster Screen Pack, The Adventure Book.
Wyrm’s Footnotes
Chaosium’s original house magazine, published from 1976-1982. Contained articles in several issues, which describe events from Greg Stafford’s house campaign, i.e. the basics for the Dragon Pass history.
Wyrm’s Footnotes 2
Only the article “The Carving of Tarsh” is used in the timeline.
Wyrm’s Footnotes 6
Only the section “Trolls in Dragon Pass” from the article “History of the Race of Trolls” is used in the timeline.
Wyrm’s Footnotes 7
This issue is not used for, but is referenced in the timeline, because the article “Sartar High Council” describes an important event from the year 1613.
Wyrm’s Footnotes 11
Only the article “Dragons Past” about “The Founding of the Wooden Sword” is used in the timeline.
Wyrm’s Footnotes 12
Mainly the article “Dragons Past” (which is a reprint of Dragons Past #2). Also important is the article “Fazzur Wideread”, which is marked accordingly, if used in the timeline.
Wyrm’s Footnotes 13
Articles “Dragons Past” and “Rurik Runespear” are used for the timeline.
Wyrm’s Footnotes 14
Only the article “Dragons Past” about “The Crown-Test of Leika Ballista” is used in the timeline.
Wyrm’s Footnotes 15
Mainly the article “Campaigns of Dragon Pass” is used, which is an updated version of an article published in Different Worlds #28 back in April of 1983.
CoPCults of Prax
Information for this timeline has been retrieved mainly from appendix M. Chronology.

also see Cults of Prax Chronology (1978)
PTtDPavis: Threshold to Danger
Information for this timeline has been retrieved from the chapter “History & Background” in the Common Knowledge for the Players section and from the table “The Rulers of Sun County” in the City Guide for the Gamemaster section.
BRBig Rubble – The Deadly City
This extensive description of the vast ruins of old Pavis provides only two entries for this timeline, one for 1539 S.T., the other for 1551 S.T.
SCSun County
This RuneQuest 3 supplement contains the “Light List: The Honored Counts of Sun County”, which has been integrated into this timeline.
This is a scenario supplement mainly and provides one entry for this timeline only in 1615 S.T.
Information for this timeline has been retrieved from the UZ Lore section.
RPCRuneQuest Companion
Information for this timeline has been retrieved from the Holy Country chapter .


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