Western Pantheon

The mythology of the West begins with the Invisible God’s creation of the world. In earliest times, people lived close to the Creator, but subsequent generations found power and faith in the insidious temptations of the false gods. Malkion the Prophet revitalized the religion in the Godtime, and Hrestol the Initiator did likewise just after the Dawn. Other saints have had historical importance, either militarily or through some important discovery.

The West worships only the Invisible God. However, within his creation live saints and other personalities important to the service and history of the Invisible God. This monotheistic religion is divided into several factions, or sects, each declaring the rest to be heresies from the true way. A unified Malkionism has not existed since the time of Malkion himself.

All Malkioni are human. Their feudal society is divided into social classes so each man can know his place in life. Inter-class mobility varies with the particular sect.

The members of the Western Pantheon include:

They also warn of the false gods:

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