Uz Pantheon

In the beginning all trolls dwelt in the wonderful primal bliss of Wonderhome, where no light ever came and live food abounded. This paradise was ruined by the Gods War and Death’s blazing fury. Many trolls were burned, but many more escaped to the surface world.

On the surface the trolls and their minions quickly spread across the land, eating everything in their way and eventually conquering much of Glorantha. Events culminated in the Chaos War, when they fought desperately and valiantly against overwhelming hordes of chaos monsters. After horrendous sacrifice, the trolls conquered, shattering the armies and gods of chaos.

Troll history is an epic of uninterrupted suppression, violence, and treachery both by and to trolls at the hands of humans and other races.

Troll religion is crude and violent, but suffices for this unsophisticated species. Trolls are a non-indigenous race which migrated to the surface world during the Great Darkness.

Trolls are diverse. The leaders of modern trolls belong to the type known as Dark Trolls. These are served by the race of Trollkin, cursed and stunted slaves. Another servant race is the Great Trolls, gigantically powerful warriors and heavy laborers. A few members of the ancestral Mistress Race still survive in dark caverns — these fearsome beings have black magical powers beyond mortal comprehension.

Other types of trolls include the Snow Trolls of Valind’s Glacier, the Jungle Trolls of Pamaltela, and the Tusk Riders (Half-Trolls) of Peloria. All but the Tusk Riders worship these same gods. Troll gods are rarely worshiped by outsiders.

The members of the Uz pantheon include:

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