Celestial Court

The Celestial Court was an assembly of specific deities who ruled the universe between its creation and the Gods War. Two types of deities were recognized within this assembly: the Powers and the Elemental Rulers. The Celestial Court was destroyed with the coming of chaos.

The Powers of the Court were:

The Elemental Rulers of the Court were:

  • Nakala or Dame Darkness, order and pattern within shadow;
  • Zaramaka or Sir Sea, source of the waters;
  • Ga or Empress Earth, broad and bountiful;
  • Aether or Lord Light, the bright and fiery aether; and
  • King Storm or Umath, an Elemental Ruler often not considered to be part of the court.

Glorantha is considered to be the mother of the Celestial Court.

The Celestial Court is usually pictured all together in court upon a stylized representation of the Spike itself.

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