Eastern / Vithelan Pantheon

The deities of the Eastern Pantheons can be easily divided geographically into three regions:

The people who worship these pantheons are quite civilized. They are separated from other nations by vast oceans, barbarian-infested wastelands, and their own cultural barriers. They regard their own culture as self-evidently superior to the rest of the world. Though the easterners are slow to adapt foreign ideas, they are extremely innovative in their own right, and have exported many concepts and magical inventions to the rest of the world.

The empire of Kralorela is so old that records survive from when Yelm, the sun god, ruled. When Yelm’s cosmic empire fragmented, the benevolent dynasty of the Dragon Emperors, which has continued to the current time, took over. Kralorelan mythology is largely concerned with the temptations and threats of the outside world, which must be met by the wise Emperor and his loyal subjects. Each Emperor is deified and worshiped forever after as a god. Since the Dawn, only one Emperor has died — the saintly Yanoor, who fled prematurely to the afterlife to escape the assassins of the usurping God Learners.

Vormain’s gods are little-known. Foreigners are not safe in this land. The natives are both secretive and violent. Likewise they have little ambition to spread themselves outside their lands, and so they are the most mysterious people of the east. The different gods of their small pentheon are each associated with a different color-type of magic, and sorcery is common. The only Vormaini commonly encountered by outsiders are ferocious pirates.

The East Isles are fragmentary. Their gods are numberless and often seemingly trivial. They make no effort to convert others to their religion and, in turn, rarely or never worship other folks’ gods. Their primeval mythology resembles that of Kralorela, but with the break-up of Yelm’s empire their myths begin to concern themselves solely with their own active, often squabbling, series of petty deities.


The other members of the Eastern Pantheon include:

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