Helamakt the Warrior

Helamakt is Orlanth who fights with winds assembled specifically for combat. Helamakt is also the Fighting Storm, the Great Defender, Orlanth’s shieldthane. Helamakt uses his Four Winds to fight:

  • Swordthane is the Killer Rain Gale / Freezing Wind
  • Shieldthane is the Blinding Shadow
  • Spearthane is the Searing Bolt
  • Backboy is Falling Wind.

Helamakt is another name Heler when he called himself Heler the Warrior.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes1252009Orlanth subcult
Storm Tribe822001Heler subcult
Thunder Rebels2402000subcult of Orlanth Thunderous

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