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Landing page for Gloranthan Mythology articles.

Mythical Age Maps

These are maps of the mythical ages from the Western, Pameltelan, and Vithelan perspectives.

Vingkotling Myths

These are fragments of the Vingkotling saga. These stories are mythical and more sacred than the sagas of the Heortling kings. They chronicle the Storm Age and the Greater Darkness for the people who claim descent from King Vingkot.

The Seven Lightbringers

A short overview of the Seven Lightbringers of the Orlanthi.

Ernalda and the Golden Age

This is an Orlanthi myth about the Great Goddess Ernalda and the age before the Storm Gods ruled Glorantha.

Pelandan Cosmology

This is a myth from the northern Pelorian land of Pelanda and describes basic Pelandan Cosmology.

The Moveable Ephemeris and the Gloranthan Sky

The Moveable Ephemeris is the computer version of the famous “machine that marched with the sky” in Yuthuppa. Plus: an ancient document describing the Gloranthan sky!!

Ernalda the Magician

A tale of Ernalda and her weaving.

The Military of Esrolia

The war gods and armies of the Queendoms of Esrolia.

Morden defends the Camp

A snippet of the legendary Battle of the Verge. This story illustrates how a devotee Heroforms his god and the dangers of an Identity Challenge. The Sartar Book shows how to bring this sort of story and contest into your game.

Ingolf Dragonfriend

Some background material about the famous Wyrmfried cut from the History of the Heortling People.


A little snippet describing an odd Dara Happan holy day.

Drinking Giant’s Cauldron

This is an Orlanthi myth about Orlanth taking a great treasure of the Sea Gods for his people.

The Silver Age and the Dawn

A collection of myths about the Silver Age and the Dawn, plus a map of the Dawn Settlements.

The Dara Happan Sacred Alphabet

Reproduced from Fortunate Succession, this is the Dara Happan Sacred Alphabet.

Deneskerva the Great Sister

A collection of short myths and essays about the Red Emperor’s Twin.

Malkioni Q&A

Some questions about Third Age Malkionism answered!

First Age Safelster Part One

Some background on Ralios in the First Age.

First Age Safelster Part Two

A map showing the settlements of early First Age Safelster.

Battle of Night and Day

Stories about the great battle of the Broken Council in the First Age. An excellent example of gods, magic, and heroes in Gloranthan warfare.

Hrelar Amali

An old story about Hrelar Amali – the city of the gods in Safelster.

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