Genertela is the northern continent of Glorantha. It is largely temperate in climate; its winds generally blow west to east, and often from the north during Dark Season. The continent is 3,125 miles long and 1,100 miles wide.

North of the continent are the uninhabitable wintry wastes of Valind’s Glacier. East lies the Kahar Sea, which is covered by unending fog and empties into the endless Eastern Ocean. South lies the waters of the Homeward Ocean. West lies the freezing Neliomi Sea, and beyond that the limitless Western Ocean.

The continent was badly damaged in the Great Darkness, most seriously when its ruling god, Genert, was destroyed by Chaos. The Wastes astride the continent testify to the physical losses suffered. The magical damage was comparable. Genert embodied important powers of unity and harmony never recovered by the residents of the land.

Genertela is the land most heavily inhabited by humans and many regions are urbanized and politically organized. Here the Elder Races have largely been reduced to powerful pockets of resistance surrounding their ancient holy places. A variety of human cultures dominate the better lands.

Dragon Pass: A strategic land, the crossroads of the continent. It is the prehistoric mating and nesting ground for dragons, and the homeland of the dragonewts. It is also the sacred home of the storm god Orlanth. Many acts of the gods occurred here, making this region very powerful and special.

Elder Wilds: A wild land still dominated by the Elder Races.

Fronela: A cold, temperate land. Fronela is dominated by the great Janube River, which cuts it from the Sweet Sea in the east to the Neliomi Sea in the west. In the north are pine forests shared by barbarians and elves. The western lowlands are ruled by the kingdom of Loskalm. The southern highlands, and the valley of the Janube, hold many diverse peoples.

Holy Country: Several Orlanthi kingdoms and many different peoples, including merfolk, sorcerers, and trolls, lived in harmony here under the enchanted rule of the God-King Belintar.

Kralorela: Here lives the Dragon Emperor, and here ancient, forbidden magic is used. Kralorela is rich, fertile, and boasts many great cities. In the hills huddle a number of primitive and subject peoples.

Lunar Empire: This wide grassland is ruled by the Red Emperor and is the home of an ancient Solar civilization. The land is temperate and, since the ascension of the Red Goddess, it has had increasingly mild winters. It is drained by the mighty Oslir River, whose source is in Dragon Pass and whose mouth is in the Keniryan Sea.

Maniria: The southern coasts are warmed by sea currents, and are subtropical. Inland roll rich forest lands where human tribes war with elves. Overland trade between the West and the rich kingdoms of Central Genertela pass through here, controlled by the Trader Princes.

Pent: The wild Pent nomads, who ride horses and herd cattle, sheep, and goats, live in this vast, dry grassland. Winters are severe; the summers are usually warm.

Ralios: The city-states of Safelster quarrel over the lowlands, but the highlands are dominated by wild Orlanthi tribes. This is a fine, temperate land with few severe winters and many pleasant summers.

Seshnela: A temperate and rich land, Seshnela is the heartland of Western culture and philosophy. It was shattered by magical wars at the end of the Second Age and its empire lost, but it has been reunified by a powerful monarchy backed by the Rokari wizards.

Teshnos: The southeast corner of the continent is subtropical throughout, warmed by southern sea currents. Its river valleys are well-populated by fire-worshiping peoples. Primitive tribes inhabit the wild interior, warring with the Elder Races. Fishers and pirates inhabit the coasts.

Wastelands: These are the deadlands of the god Genert, who was killed by Chaos in the Gods Age. Eternal storms rage over them, leaving only the hardiest of life. There, protected by those terrible storms, live the Animal Nomads, who worship Waha the Butcher and hold Prax to be their Holy Land.

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