Third Age of Glorantha

The Third Age of Glorantha followed the collapse and destruction of the great world empires – the Middle Sea Empire and the Empire of Wyrms Friends – with the Closing of the Seas in the middle 10th century and the Dragonkill of 1120 ST. Great civilizations crumbled into barbarity and Glorantha returned into darkness.

A new light appeared in 1247 ST when the Red Moon appeared in the sky accompanied by an ever-growing Lunar Empire that worships the goddess of the Red Moon. Many tribes and nations declared war on the Red Moon, but all ultimately submitted to the Red Goddess and her Lunar Empire.

All, that is, except for the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass. These tribes – named after their storm god Orlanth who is the great enemy of the Red Goddess – were unified by the Royal House of Sartar who ruled from their mountainous stronghold of Boldhome. From there the Sartarites violently defied the Lunar Empire for more than a century.

In 1602 S.T. – just sixteen years ago – the Lunar Empire finally conquered Sartar. A Lunar puppet now rules in Boldhome. The Lunar Empire openly plots to enslave the storm god Orlanth and transform Glorantha.

And yet, the Orlanthi still resist. Prophecies of a Liberator – called “the Argrath” – bolster resistance against the Empire. Unrest grows and the tribes clamor for the heroes who will overthrow the Empire and begin the Hero Wars that will decide the fate of Glorantha.

Your heroes….

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