The Seven Lightbringers

When Orlanth slew the Evil Emperor, he freed the world and brought about the Storm Age. When Chaos broke through into Glorantha, however, Orlanth decided to save Glorantha from its doom. He gathered a group of six other gods, and together they traveled into the Underworld to bring life back to the dead world. The Lightbringers descended into the Land of the Dead. They suffered terribly, and each failed at a key moment, but finally they atoned for their errors and resurrected the world. The Seven Lightbringer gods are:

  • Orlanth, the King;
  • Lhankor Mhy, the Sage;
  • Issaries, the Guide;
  • Chalana Arroy, the Healer;
  • Flesh Man, the terrified mortal; and
  • Eurmal, the slippery Trickster.

The Seventh is called Ginna Jar, who some say was the wyter of the group, the force that linked them to each other and to those left behind who were pledged to help them.

Few Orlanthi have performed the Lightbringers Quest, for the full quest is difficult and dangerous.

Normally, worshippers of any of these deities greet each other as Lightbringer, even if neither of the parties has ever undergone the quest. When one worshipper is an active Lightbringer (i.e., has performed the Lightbringers Quest or is preparing to undergo the Quest), however, they can request aid from any another Lightbringer cultist. Even if that worshipper has no inclination to go heroquesting, he or she must aid the quester or lose all of their magic. They need not join the Lightbringer on their quest, but if they do not then they must provide something of equal value.

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