Maps of Glorantha

Glorantha is a cube of earth some 5000 miles wide surrounded by the endless current of Sramake’s River. The waters inundated the earth in the Gods Age and much of the world is still covered in deep oceans.

World of Glorantha Map with regional labels, by Simon Bray. Copyright 2021 Moon Design.


The northern continent is called Genertela and is home to the majority of the world’s human population. Its ruling Earth God was killed by Chaos in the Gods War, and the continent was ravaged by magical conflicts in the First and Second Ages.

Genertela with regional labels, by Simon Bray. Copyright 2021 Moon Design.

The center of the continent has long been fought over by the Orlanthi and Pelorian peoples; the Pelorians appear to have just about finally won that long struggle with the expansion of the Lunar Empire and the rise of the Red Moon. The Elder Races watch these wars with interest, aiding both sides in an effort to weaken humanity.

The great wastes of Genertela are inhabited by nomadic tribes of beast riders called Praxians who war with the horse-riding nomads of Pent. Further east are the splendid kingdoms of Kralorela and Teshnos, as well as the eldritch and dark lands of the Kingdom of Ignorance where decadent sorcerers rules countless hordes of wretched peasants and trolls.

The western coasts are inhabited by the Westerners, who use their sorcerous philosophies to manipulate the gods into obeying their will. The hills and woods of the west are inhabited by Orlanthi, Hsunchen, elves, and trolls.

Large hex map of Genertela (15mb) by Colin Driver, based on the poster map. Copyright 2021 Moon Design.


The southern continent of Pamaltela is larger than Genertela but less populated by humans. Its ruling god, Pamalt, survived the Gods War and has largely protected it from the magical wars that have ravaged Genertela.

Pamaltela with regional labels, by Simon Bray. Copyright 2021 Moon Design.

The north-western coasts are inhabited by Western and Orlanthi colonies  settled a thousand years ago from Genertela. The huge peninsula of Fonrit is inhabited by a countess city-states that combine great riches with cruel slavery. Further east is the Errinoru Jungle, the largest forest in the world, ruled by several tribes of elves.

The plains of Pamaltela are home to the Doraddi people, nomadic hunter-gatherers and cattle herders who live according to the laws of the ruling god Pamalt.

Further to the south is the burning Nargan Desert, a fiery wasteland inhabited by monsters.

East Isles

The eastern part of Glorantha is a vast archipelago of thousands of islands, inhabited by an ancient civilized people of mystics and sailors. The xenophobic Vormain Empire seeks to extend its imperial rule over the other islands; the pirate captains of Haragala extend their protection over the other islands in exchange for tribute. Other islands are home to countless peoples, including demons and bird-people, or to ancient ruins dating back to the Gods Time.

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