How Argan Argar Courted Esrola

The wonderful palace called Akez Loradak (Ebonglass, Palace of Black Glass) has always been the most impressive of all above-ground troll sites. This was made by Argan Argar near the end of the Lesser Darkness.

Argan Argar was courting the goddess named Esrola, and she was not helping very much. She asked him what kind of place she would live in, if she agreed to live with him. She said she was very choosy, and it could not be anything which another goddess had ever had.

Argan Argar was not daunted. He designed a beautiful palace of spires and tunnels, and then he ordered his slave, Caladra, to build the structure. Caladra, like nearly all earth powers, had been enslaved by the lords of darkness.

Caladra first dove deep and deeper under the earth, and there he boiled up his mighty ingredients. Then he began to build. He started right where he was: inside the earth. First he lined his work room, called the Boiling Room, with glass and then from there he dug upward. He was followed by seething glass which, after it passed, left a sleek shining surface of obsidian behind it. Caladra burst out to the surface near right near to where Esrola and Argan Argar walked.

Argan Argar calmed the surprised goddess, and then they walked slowly as he p[ointed to an empty place, and as he described its magnificent halls and rooms, at that exact moment Caladra spun them from the glassy stone. Upon the mere words of Argan Argar, the Palace of Shadows grew its many tall domes and spires, each which would be filled with whatever treasures Argan Argar had said would be there. Public chambers, feasting halls, nurseries, slave pens, warehouses, sleeping quarters, animal pens, mushroom gardens, and many other such domestic chambers were all in there. Each of the great allies of Argan Argar had his or her own special chamber someplace inside, and each lesser ally was welcome in the vast, mile-high Guest Room. All of these rooms were gigantic in proportion, and in all more than four square miles of the plateau were covered.

Esrola assented, with great joy that she would be so honored. The god and goddess moved into its luxurious safety, and in little time Esrola was pregnant. The first being to be born there was him who is called Ezkankekko, who humans call the Only Old One, and who ruled Akez Loradak from before the Dawn, until the coming of Belintar.

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