Glorantha Core Rune Font

The Glorantha Core Font is used by Moon Design and Chaosium in their publications. It is a compilation of the most useful characters from the 42 or so fonts created in the 2000s by Greg Stafford. It’s provided here for use in your games. It is a Truetype font compatible with both Windows and Apple systems.

The font currently does not include the sorcery technique runes detailed on page 384 of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. These have been included with the font as SVG files and are subject to the same copyright. Thanks to Phil Hibbs for creating the SVG files of the runes.

The Glorantha Core Runes font and Sorcery rune files are copyright © Moon Design Publications. Permission is granted for use in products in Chaosium’s Jonstown Compendium on DriveThruRPG. It is also granted for personal and fanzine use, as long as a credit and copyright notice is included, the font is not altered, and no fee of any kind is charged for its use.

Download the Rune file from here

The current version font 1.5 was released on 27 Jan 2016

Updated with sorcery runes & keyboard layouts 25 Sept 2019


KeyNameRunePrimary sourcesSecondary sourcesNotesOwner
1Dying Moon
P:GtA 403sub-rune
2Crescent Go
Moon Phase
P:GtA 402sub-rune
3Full Half
Moon Phase
P:GtA 402sub-rune
4Full Moon
Moon Phase
P:GtA 403sub-rune
5Empty Half
Moon Phase
P:GtA 403sub-rune
6Crescent Come
Moon Phase
P:GtA 403sub-rune
7Black Moon
P:GtA 403sub-rune
wWaterwater runeRQG 48GS 191, HQG 15
eEarthRQG 48GS 191, HQG 15
tDeathRQG 50GS 192, HQG 16Humakt
yTruthRQG 50GS 192,
HQG 16
uUndeadS:KoH 320AKA Unlife
iillusionRQG 50GS 192,
HQG 16
oDarknessRQG 48GS 191,
HQG 14
pPlantGS 192,
HQG 17
aLawS:KoH 71
& 162
sMovementRQG 50GS 192,
HQG 16
dDragonDeity Rune
fLightbringersHM 186Deity rune.
AKA The Orlanthi Religion
gAirRQG 49GS 192, HQG 15AKA StormOrlanth
hCommunicationGS 193, HQG 18AKA TradeIssariesIssaries
jDisorderRQG 50GS 192, HQG 16
kShargashHQ2 120, GRoY 58Deity rune
lHarmonyRQG 50GS 192, HQG 16
xFertilityRQG 50GS 192, HQG 16AKA LifeUleria
cStasisRQG 50GS 192, HQG 16
bSpiritGS 193, HQG 17
nHorseA sub-beast rune
,ManRQG 50GS 193,
HQG 17
.Fire/SkyRQG 48GS 191,
HQG 15
/MoonRQG 49GS 192,
HQG 15
WMasteryGS 193,
HQG 18
EHelerHM 186Deity rune
RMagicGS 193,
HQG 18
YYinkinS:KoH 180Deity rune
(Air & Beast)
IGod / Divine Worldincluded for date
notation for Godsday
OLightP:GtA 381
PPamaltDeity rune
ADragonewtGS 193,
HQG 17
SInfinityGS 193,
HQG 18
FBarntarHM 186Deity rune
GSartarS:KoH 290Deity rune
HHellHQ2 120
KLuckGS 193,
HQG 18
LHeatHQG 15
XFateGS 193,
HQ2 120
CBearSC 279Deity rune.
Sub-beast rune
VEternal BattleHQG 18
BBeastRQG 50GS 192,
HQG 17
?ChaosGS 193,
HQG 18

Please note that the sources mentioned here supersede any previous writeups.


Lowercase Keyboard
Uppercase Keyboard

Notes on this font

I compiled this font so that Rick, Jeff and others could finally have a standard font that had all the basic Gloranthan runes, without using old or multiple fonts. The arrangement of characters is based on their position in their original font. Very few had their positions changed, this was to reduce confusion when switching from the older fonts. Don’t try to look for any logical pattern in their arrangement, there isn’t one. If you are wondering why some characters are included and others aren’t, it was based on need and simplicity.

David Scott.

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