Orlanthi Names

Many Orlanthi names combine prefixes and suffixes as per below; the prefixes and suffixes usually relate to the names of gods or ancestors. Use them to create your name or pick a finished name from the lists.

Orlanthi identify themselves by the name of a well known parent (stated with a “Son of” or “Daughter of”). Names often alliterate (start with the same sound) or share a prefixes or suffix from parent to child (Eringulf son of Brolarulf, Harmast son of Hardrinor, Saronil son of Sartar) or from sibling to sibling (Orgar and Orstandel, Fingmanar and Finganvar).

Prefixes: Andrin, Andror, Avent, Bar(n), Ber(es/en), Bro, Dar, Der, Des(tor), Din, Dor-, Enjos, Erin, Fin, Gar(in), Hantra, Harad, Har(an), Hed(kor), Hend, Ir, Jar(star), Kor(l), Korol, Kul, Lon(d), O(r), Orl, Orst, Orvan, Rasta, Ros, Sar(o), Sen(ren), (S)tark, V(a/e)n, Varan.

Suffixes: ‑alor. ‑(al)des, ‑and, ‑angian, ‑arl, ‑aventus, ‑brast, ‑dath, ‑daral, ‑dovar, ‑drinor, ‑dros, ‑durev, ‑en, ‑estan, ‑fin, ‑gandi, ‑ganvar, ‑gor, ‑gradus, ‑harl, -illo, -ister, -kar, ‑kos, ‑(l/v)anth, ‑lakar, ‑larant, ‑(l)or, ‑makt, ‑manar, -(m)al. ‑(m)arl, ‑mast, ‑niskis, ‑onil, ‑orth, -restos, ‑rik, ‑rolar, ‑serian, ‑staval, ‑tand, ‑tar, -taros, -tos, ‑(g/l)ulf, ‑veste, ‑venos, ‑vil, -yan.

It is common for men to take the name of gods or heroes (Barntar, Durev, Elmal, Harmast, Hendrik, Heort, Orlanth, etc), great kings (Hofstaring, Saronil, Tarkalor) or of ancestors (Garan, Korlmar, Ulanin, Straval, etc) as a prefix or suffix.

Sample Male Names: Andrin, Argrath, Aslandar, Ashart, Broyan, Dorasor, Farnan, Harmast, Gringle, Jarstakos, Kalf, Maniski, Ortossi, Robasart, Saronil, Sarotar, Tarkalor, Venharl.

Prefixes: A(r), Dara, Davor, Der, Dor, Dush, Ent, Erin, Ernal(da), Esra, Esrol, Feren, Har, Hend, In, Ivarn, Jareen, Jarnarn, Jen, Kall, Ken, Leika, Lon(d), Mern, Mir, Morgan, Natal, Nerest, Ondur, Onel, Oran, Or(a/i), Samast, Sen(ren), Sora, Seren, Serze, Vasan, Yan, Yerest.

Suffixes: ‑a, ‑ala, ‑ale, ‑ali, -ana, -arios, -asa, -ava, ‑(d)essa, ‑(d)estra, ‑(d)inna, (d)ira, ‑(d)rella, ‑(d)urisa, -ela, ‑(er)landa, -est(ing), eth, -eva, -gala, -i, -ias, -illa, -ina, -ioth, -ira, -(is)en, ‑(i/y)r, -karne, -lartha, ‑ran(d)a, ‑renava, ‑sin, -sta, ‑sulva, ‑vale.

It is common for women to take the name of goddesses or heroes (Ernalda, Esrola, Ivarne, Kev, Maran, Mirngala, Voria, etc) or of ancestors (Lismelder, Orgorvale, Serias, Vestene, etc) as a prefix or suffix.

Sample Female Names: Beneva, Berra, Dorasa, Dushi, Erissa, Erynn, Insterid, Ivarne, Jareen, Kallyr, Leika, Morganeth, Onelisen, Sora, Vasana, Yanioth.
It is common for Orlanthi to have nicknames too. Some nicknames are poetic, others are prosaic. Some are badges of honor, others of mockery and ridicule. Owners of magical items often get a nickname associated with the item (e.g., Hardrinor Iron Band, Leika Black Spear, Rastalulf Vanak Spear, etc.).
Examples: Bald, Barefoot, Belly-Laugh, Clumsy, Dour, Generous, Glum, Greybeard, Handsome, Hairy, Long-nose, Lucky, Many-Kin, Red, Raven-Hair, Restless, Short, Strong, Stout, Sure-handed, Swift, Swimmer, Tall, Troublesome Poet, Unadvised, Ugly, Weak, Wideread.

This obviously doesn’t cover every possible name, but does give a good feel for the sounds of names. 

This covers Sartar, Esrolia, and Heortland.

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