Ernalda the Magician

ErnaldaPriestessErnalda is the source of magic. She is her own source – for her magic was not learned from others, but is instead who she is. Magic is the thing people get after interacting with Ernalda.

Ernalda has always been able to understand how everything and everyone are weaved together – since she wove the cloth that joins everyone and everything together. Since she is the weaver, Ernalda can change the threads and change how the world is connected. She is the weaver, and she is the web.

Ernalda has always known how to spin, measure, and cut the threads of Creation. Three times she has revealed the fullness of her powers to change Creation so as to change it. First, when she called forth Orlanth to kill the Emperor. Second, when she called forth the Divine Regalia and created the Storm Tribe. The most important was when she rewove the tattered cloth of Creation and created the Compromise that saved the world and ended the Great Darkness.