The Seven Steps of the Red Goddess

Plate 1 – The Goddess Enters Godtime

A woman is laying aside her cloak and clothing. Her hair is bound in a knot on top of her head. She maintains a belt with sickle knife, and a wreath upon her brow. Otherwise, she is naked.

Plate 2 – The Empty Victory of the Goddess

A hideous demon stands over the fallen form of the Goddess, holding a sword, but no shield. Compare this illustration with plate number six.

Plate 3 – The Goddess Meets Arachne Solara

The naked woman is sitting and listening to the woman opposite her. The spider-woman is Arachne Solara, and she is a shining goddess, humanoid, but with four extra arms coming from the sides of her cloak. The cloak appears to be star-flecked cloth, and she has a sunburst about her head.

Plate 4 – The Binding of Gbaji

The Goddess holds a handsome but snarling deity with one hand holding his wrists, her foot standing on both of his, stretching him.

Plate 5 – The Goddess Riding the Sky Bear

The Goddess, without weapons, is riding upon a giant bear. There is no ground underneath, but stars are visible in the background.

Plate 6 – The Full Victory of the Goddess

Like plate number two, the poses of the characters are similar, but the Goddess and the demon have exchanged places. Here, the Goddess stands victorious over the prone form of the demon. She holds a spear and shield, no helm.

Plate 7 – Return of the Goddess Triumphant

Clothed, armed, and with no helm, the Goddess appears riding upon a bat. She is surrounded by a sunburst.

An updated version of these originals was created for the Prince of Sartar webcomic:

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