Working on the Gods of Glorantha

Hey all, while Rick is feverishly doing the layout of the Guide to Glorantha and Ian is putting the art list for The Coming Storm before I hack it apart, I’m working on a few other projects. Three are secret, and will be mentioned soon, but one is public knowledge: the Gods of Glorantha.

This book follows the structure of Belintar’s Book, and unifies Gloranthan mythology through a series of distinct and separate myths, which are periodically interrupted by in-depth descriptions of about 40 Glorantha cults. The idea is to present the mythology of Glorantha through the cults and arrange them, not by pantheon, but by thematic Age. So here they are:

Green Age: Korgatsu, Mostal, Ernalda, Aldrya, Eiritha

Likely Stretch Goals: Asrelia, Ty Kora Tek, Oria

Golden Age: Yelm, Lodril, Buserian, Malkion

Likely Stretch Goals: Daruda, Entekos

Storm Age: Humakt, Annhila, Orlanth, Magasta, Polaris, Daka Fal

Likely Stretch Goals: Shargash, Artmal, Oslira, Kabalt, Wachaza

Darkness Age: Kyger Litor, Argan Argar, Zorak Zoran, Yelmalio

Likely Stretch Goals: Babeester Gor, Maran Gor

Chaos Age: Unholy Trio, Ompalam, Storm Bull

Likely Stretch Goals: Seseine, Gark, Krarsht, Vivamort

Lightbringers Interlude: Issaries, Lhankhor Mhy, Chalana Arroy, Eurmal

Grey Age: Pamalt, Horned Man, Waha

Likely Stretch Goals: Kargzant, Telmor

Dawn Age: Heroes, Harmast, Nysalor, Arkat, Harmast (HeroQuesting and Illumination)

Second Age: God Learners and EWF (Experimental HeroQuesting and modern Malkionism)

Third Age: Godunya, Red Goddess, Seven Mothers, Hwarin Dalthippa, Hon-eel

Likely Stretch Goals: Dormal

I realize that this does not cover every cult people might be interested in. The East Isles and Pamaltela get short shrift, while Prax gets over-represented. But I am simply not up to writing another 600+ page book, and would like to get something with a more reasonable page count out!

As always, your thoughts are welcome!

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