Weather in Glorantha

The powerful forces of two great Gloranthan deities, the wind of Orlanth and the rays of Yelm, the Sun, determine seasonal changes in weather. Magical events also affect local weather significantly.

Weather in Storm Season

In Storm Season the calm center is in the far western land of Luathela. Because of the location of the calm center, most winds in Glorantha blow from north to south during this season, gradually moving again to an easterly direction. They often reach hurricane strength. The entire ocean is covered with raging, unpredictable storms. Ice hurricanes are known to rage south and stop, then turn north again. No ship made, save the vessels of the Waertagi or other immortals, can reliably withstand the weather, and only the Waertagi, Vadeli, and demigods sail during this season.The Veldru Winds weaken during this season, making the East Isles more dangerous in the face of the typhoons.

In Genertela, the Gagarth winds appear almost anywhere. These winds are often called “The Wild Hunt Storm” in the local languages. This wind seems to defy all reason and rationale as to its direction, origin, and strength, doing great harm wherever it passes. Natives universally prefer the terrible, cold, strong, but regular winds of Orlanth over the purposefully destructive rage of Gagarth.
Fronela is blasted by snow hurricanes which only slowly lose their fierceness as they blow across the continent.
The Valind Storms blow south from the Glacier across Peloria and Pent into Dragon Pass and Kralorela. They are weaker now than in centuries past, prior to the annual Kalikos expedition of the Lunar Empire, but still bring snows and freezing cold.
In Slon, the doldrums return, heading east across Jorkar’s Sea and getting smaller.

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