Update on the Guide – Delays and Headaches

We’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we’re wrapping up the layout for the first volume of the Guide and it looks beautiful.

The bad news is that thanks to a series of events beyond our control – first, a trademark infringement issue by someone who we refused a license to but insisted on using our trademark anyways in a large Kickstarter campaign without legal permission; and second, Rick’s other job insisting he fly to China tomorrow – means that we will not be able to finish the full book by Christmas. Claudia has agreed not to use us as archery practice, but only just.

Because Rick will be in China, orders placed from today until the 20th will not get sent until December 23rd.

So here’s the plan: we’ll send out the pdf for Volume One of the Guide in time for Christmas, but Volume Two will get sent out after the New Year. Volume One is about three hundred pages of pure Gloranthan goodness (and includes such regions as Fronela, the Holy Country, Kralorela, and the Lunar Empire), so with any luck Volume Two will likely arrive about the time you finish digesting Volume One. We plan to do a Post-Christmas sale to make it up to you all.

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