Ultimate Previews and Surveys go out tomorrow!

Joyous news! The Guide is now complete with final art, final index, and final as far as we are concerned. That means it is time to send out the ULTIMATE PREVIEW tomorrow. We will set up a forum and give folk one week to find any typos that didn’t get caught by us, any clear untruths, or other scriveners’ errors. After that week, we will put the edits in and then send the Guide to the PRINTER! At that point it is out of our hands, and in the control of printers, shippers, and distributers. Your wait is nearly at an end!

So along that line, we will be sending out the KS surveys tomorrow. Reply to those as soon as possible, and let us know how you want your name listed for Kickstarter thanks (including Anonymous) and for Patron of the Arts credit.  We will be asking for those names VIA THE SURVEY.

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