An early map of the Lunar Empire

This isn’t going into the Guide, but is presented to show how much Gloranthan geography has evolved since 1975. This is one of Greg’s original maps of the Lunar Empire and beyond. The key elements are still there, and I like to think this is the sort of map you might see in Furthest of Mirin’s Cross.

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  • ‘Heretics Country’ is referenced in White Bear and Red Moon/Dragon Pass (Lunar Empire), and apparently in Wyrms Footnotes 7 (which I don’t have a copy of). It is shown on the map in the Avalon Hill version of the Dragon Pass rules (page 30) as to the north east of Oraya and the Blue Moon Plateau.

    • Wonder if the Heretics Country became the territory briefly labeled “Hykimi” in the old Runequest rulebook and which corresponds geographically to our modern Ignorance. No sign of it in the very large-scale “Introduction to the Surface World” in WF 4.

      • I think Hykim refers to the Shan Shan mountains which are inhabited by Hsunchen.

        As for what Heretics Country might be now, the Guide intruigingly mentions the Mad Sultanates (in plural) and the Beyond Nightmares. It could also be the City of the White Heart in Oraya.

  • I suppose the question was whatever became of Heretics Country. Given the distortion of the map, it could point to Kingdom of Ignorance, Kralorela (with its Red Gardener), Pent (with its reverance of Sheng Seleris), the Elder Wilds (no idea who would be the heretics there).

    There are a few other locations that invite speculation. Does the Desert of Fear refer to Ramalia?

  • Wow! That is old! I’ll give it to my players and say, “There, that’s your knowledge of the world!”