The Ultimate Preview and the Kickstarter Survey

If you backed the Guide to Glorantha on Kickstarter, by now you should have received your KS Backer Survey. If you haven’t received yours – check your spam file. Then fill out the survey!

A few keen and anxious backers have sent us emails or KS messages requesting we update their shipping address. Even if you have done that it is vital that you provide us with your shipping address via the survey. Please do not assume we have it via any other means.

The survey will not include anything related to purchasing additional copies, add-ons, or other related KS items. We will be doing pre-orders and the ordering of additional items via our website in a few weeks.

And if you pledged at Rune Lord and up, you should also have gotten an email with the Final Sneak Peak of BOTH Volumes of the Guide. If you find any typos, scriveners errors, or other obvious mistakes, please let us know in the forum thread associated with this post. We will collect those comments we get in the next week (until Friday, April 11) and get them in the final manuscript. But very soon after it is OFF TO THE PRINTERS!

BTW, please be patient when you are downloading your copy of the Ultimate Preview, as we expect a heavy load on the servers.

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