The Guide has left the Building

Update: The Guide is back! Go to

This is very bittersweet news for me. I just turned off sales of the physical copies of the Guide to Glorantha. We’ve sold everything printed, shipping to over 40 countries. I’ve lugged boxes, processed tons of orders, and will dearly miss it, even if my back won’t.

If you own it, congratulations, our Diana Jones and ENnie award-winning Guide to Glorantha is now a collector’s item. If not, you will have live with getting the PDF version. I’m very sorry – you don’t full know what you are missing.

So of course the question that immediately comes to mind is “Will we reprint it?” I’ll have to be a bit cagey and say “I sure hope so”. The Guide to Glorantha Kickstarter was a huge undertaking for us, and reprinting it will be a big project in its own. We can’t just print a few hundred, and even a thousand may not give us enough economy of scale on such a big book. If we are going to print it, we want make sure we keep the same quality as we had before.

For those of you interested in a reprint, please let us know so I can collect information. It doesn’t obligate you to order, but let’s me help determine when, or if, we do reprint.

Oh, and if we do reprint, we will be offering shipping from the UK as well.


PS – Jeff, Rick, MOB and I would love to thank every fan that helped make the Guide to Glorantha a reality, from the Kickstarter, to voting for it at the ENnies, to just looking at it at a booth at a convention. And to those that helped in making the Guide, you deserve a special thanks.

Thank you all!