Some teases on the Glorantha Source Book

The 13th Age in Glorantha includes two books. The first is 13th Age in Glorantha itself, which is by Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, Ash Law, and Jeff Richard. This is the  hardbound full-color 196+ page roleplaying supplement that brings the award-winning 13th Age rules to Greg Stafford’s mythic world of Glorantha.

But lets talk about the second book – the Glorantha Source Book. By Jeff Richard, this will be approximately another hardbound, full-color book 128 to 150 pages long and is intended to be a primer on Glorantha for folk new to the setting AND provides setting information on the Dragon Pass region circa 1627.  It is more myth-centric than the Guide and its largest chapter is a  Hero Wars era document that applies the God Learner monomyth to introduce the core gods of Glorantha and place them within the various elemental mythic cycles (Darkness, Water, Earth, Fire, Air,  Moon, and … Chaos). Lots of new material in there (especially the Moon cycle myths which should be worth a few directed improvements towards Illumination).

But another is particularly interesting (at least for me), and that is the chapter on Dragon Pass in the Hero Wars. This chapter is completely new and is set circa 1627. This is a time of rapid change and transformation in Dragon Pass and the surrounding lands. For example:

  • Sartar is now free and rules the Far Point. Argrath is the new Prince of Sartar and is aided by the Sartar Magical Union and his Free Army.
  • The map of Sartar has changed. Several old Sartarite tribes have been destroyed (such as the Enstali, Balmyr, Wulfland, and Locaem) and new tribes (some of very short duration) have formed in their place. Many old clans have been destroyed, and new clans have been founded. Other tribes have been broken, like the Dinacoli and Vantaros, and others have changed dramatically. Other old tribes, like the Telmori, at war with Argrath. Old confederations like the Hendriki have been revived and are allied with Sartar. Sartar may be free, but it is a mess.
  • In the north, Tarsh is in civil war, the Lunar Provinces are in disorder and the rule of the Lunar Empire is now confined to Tarsh within the Glowline. There is a new and very ambitious Feathered Horse Queen ruling the Grazelands. Snake Pipe Hollow is now vomiting forth Chaos and new corrupt demigods seek to bring forth Wakboth.
  • In the south, the Holy Country is no more. Sartar is allied with the ambitious new Queen of Esrolia and Argrath leads a loose alliance of Esrolia, Sartar, and Hendrikiland. Harrek White Bear and his Wolf Pirates relentlessly plunder the south of Kethaela, while Queen Gagix Two-Barb and her Scorpion Queendom have ravaged central Heortland.
  • In the east, Pavis is now free and ruled by a lieutenant of the White Bull. The Praxians are united by Jaldon Goldentooth and Praxian war bands follow him deep into Dragon Pass, while raiders harass the civilized lands.
  • The Elder Races are active, the trolls of Dagori Inkarth are on the march. The Dwarf has opened his gates to traders and diplomats, but there is rumors of strife with Greatway.
  • The True Dragons are waking up. The Brown Dragon has risen, the Green Dragon is known to be awake, and the Red Dragon has been seen again.

It is, in short, the Hero Wars.  I’m pretty darned excited about it, and I think it will instantly become a Gloranthan must-have.

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