Sketch of an Sartarite household warrior

This sketch by Jan Pospisil depicts a professional warrior equipped by a clan chieftain or tribal king and who serves as one of his household bodyguards. She rides a sable antelope (Praxian beasts are common riding animals in much of Dragon Pass)) and wears short trousers of leather or wool beneath the skirt.

The bodyguard wears a bronze helmet with cheekpieces and a nose guard. The helmet has a single feather on each side. The bodyguard wears bronze greaves, and short cuirass of boiled-leather scales.

The bodyguard carries a leaf-shaped sword, and a round shield similar to the militia member. The shield blazon is fancier though, marked with magical runes of Movement and Mastery. The bodyguard also carries two javelins.

Such warrior is typical of the heavy cavalry that formed the household retinue of Sartarite kings during the Hero Wars.

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