Sketch of a Sartarite Clan Militia Member

This sketch depicts a member of the local clan militia. All free men (including women who are members of warlike cults) are expected to fight on behalf of their clan and follow their chief into war.
This figure is dressed like an ordinary herder or farmer, but is armed for war. He carries a round shield, some 50 cm to 100 cm in diameter. The shield is made of wood and covered with tough cowhide fixed to the wood with bronze nails (often forming patters like the Air Rune). The hide is often painted with blazons of geometric patterns (like favored Runes), animals, or mythological scenes. These are purely individual in character.He wears a conical helmet made of leather or bronze, like a Kegelhelm or Illyrian helmet. This is his most valuable piece of armor. He wears a leather or quilted-wool jerkin to defend his torso. He carries a pair of javelins, and a thrusting spear. Belted to his waist is a dagger or a bronze-headed axe.

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