Sartar Free Army

The look of the Sartarites and Praxians really gets to be on display in our forthcoming books. These are their own peoples, and it is wonderful to be working with artists like Jan Pospisil who help bring them to life.

This piece depicts followers of Argrath White Bull who have brought a high-status Lunar captive from New Pavis to Pimper’s Block, where he will either be ransomed or sold into slavery. From left to right (and going counter-clockwise) we have:

Bison Tribe woman of the Storm Bull cult and member of the Bullocks war society;

Jotoran Longsword, in shackles, (former chief administrator of the city of New Pavis for the Lunar Army);

Wind Lord warlock of the Eaglebrown Warlocks;

Humakt cultist of the Sword Brothers;

Zebra Rider of the Pavis Royal Guard on a “war zebra”;

Pavis County militia; and

Real City militia.

Special thanks to Martin Helsdon for being the patron of this piece.