RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter Goes Live!


Reprint of the iconic RPG kicks off 50th Anniversary of Greg Stafford’s mythic game world Glorantha

A Kickstarter campaign to reprint the celebrated second edition of the roleplaying game RuneQuest was launched today. This edition, set in Greg Stafford’s legendary game world Glorantha, took the gaming world by the storm when it was first released by Chaosium in 1978, and was in its time second only in popularity to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

The new version – dubbed “RuneQuest Classic Edition” – is being produced by the Diana Jones Award winning Moon Design Publications, whose principals earlier this year became the new management team at Chaosium.

“Moon Design has always wanted to reprint the RuneQuest Rulebook. It’s been a dream of mine for almost 20 years. Now we have the opportunity to finally do just that, and I hope it kicks off an OSR ‘Old School RuneQuest renaissance'”, said Rick Meints, founder of Moon Design and now President of Chaosium.

The Kickstarter campaign features a range of pledge levels, with the RuneQuest Classic rules available in hardback and leatherette versions, with all original art. Backers also receive a GM screen adorned with classic Luise Perrene illustrations and Player Handouts. A range of ‘Old School’ RQ publications will also become available as stretch goals are unlocked.

A special item of note is the Runequest Playtest Manuscript. This is a 250 page hardcover book, created from high resolution scans of the only known set of playtest notes in existence which had been lovingly kept in a binder for the last 40 years. It includes newly-written introductory essays by Greg Stafford and by Steve Perrin, co-author of the original game’s first and second editions.

“I am very pleased this new issuing of the RuneQuest 2nd edition makes available what many fans tell me is their favorite edition,” said Perrin.

Bringing RuneQuest 2nd edition back into print kicks off the 50th Anniversary celebrations for Greg Stafford’s mythic game world of Glorantha in 2016. The Kickstarter runs until December 21 and is available here: