Moon Design Publications is delighted to announce that its phenomenally successful RUNEQUEST CLASSIC Kickstarter campaign is now entering its final five days.

This campaign reprints the classic second edition of the RuneQuest RPG, which in its heyday rivaled Dungeons & Dragons in sales.

Launched on November 27th, the campaign target of 30K was funded in less than five hours and is currently approaching 140K.

“We’re excited by the incredible response so far” said Rick Meints, President of Chaosium and founder of Moon Design. “Gaming is going through a bit of an Old School renaissance as of late, and it’s great such an influential game like RuneQuest is now part of it.”

The spectacular response has led to a succession of stretch goals being achieved, bringing back into the hands of gamers a number of much-loved supplements that have been out of print for over 30 years.

Backers at the popular $30 entry level receive a copy of the 144 page rules in hardback and PDF, player handouts, a GM screen, and PDFs of classic RQ supplements Fangs, Apple Lane and Snakepipe Hollow. Reviewers have remarked this represents great value and offers a wonderful opportunity to experience the complete game with a set of much-loved adventures.

Higher backer levels get the rules in leatherette with dust jacket, and access a range of “Old School” RQ releases. An item of particular note is the RQ Playtest Manuscript, a 250+ page hardcover book created from high resolution scans of the original playtest manuscript, which has been lovingly kept in a binder for the last 40 years. This book also features newly written introductory essays by Steve Perrin and Greg Stafford, plus a PDF of the original first edition of RuneQuest as launched at Origins 1978 (which amusingly misspells both “Chaosium” and “Glorantha” on the back cover).

All backer levels also have access to stretch goal rewards which include the iconic supplements of Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror, and the RuneQuest Companion. The last being a wonderful collection of RuneQuest Lore that went out of print within six months of being published in 1983 and has been highly sought after ever since. The next treasure, possibly to be unlocked any hour now, is the legendary sandbox campaign Griffin Mountain.

A special backer level has also been created for “bricks & mortar” friendly local gaming stores.

“We’ve deliberately gone for uncomplicated backer levels, and straightforward rewards that are quickly and easily deliverable, and people have responded very positively to that”, said Meints.

Bringing RuneQuest 2nd edition back into print kicks off the 50th Anniversary celebrations for Greg Stafford’s mythic game world of Glorantha in 2016. This Kickstarter will be funded on Monday 21st December at 7pm US Eastern Standard Time, so if you haven’t pledged already please give it a look!

Visit the Kickstarter page.