Reconstructing the Hero Wars

Just working on the Reconstructing the Hero Wars appendix for the Guide, and thought folk might be interested in what it is in it:
The Hero Wars is the collective name for the magical conflicts that ended the Third Age of Glorantha and brought the Red Moon down from the sky. So much has been lost about these magical wars that destroyed the old Age and created our world that we sages are forced to piece together fragments and shards in an attempt to reconstruct the whole. The following documents have been attached:

1.  The Daliath Prophecy, dating to the early Second Age.
2. The Takenegi Stele, dating to 1644 and placed in Argrath’s capital city by his rival the Red Emperor.
3. A large fragment of the mad poet Niang Rea’s Book of the Cryptic Verses, found in the Enexender Collection #700, near where the Northern Argrath’s Saga was discovered.
4. A translation of a section of the Black Dragon Pictoglyphs, attributed to Cragspider the Firewitch.
5. A fragment of the Fourth Inspiration of Moonson, attributed to Fod-Ariam, a noted poet and scholar of the Lunar Empire during the Hero Wars.
6. An early version of Argrath’s Saga, likely predating that of Doranda the Quill, and dated to some two centuries after the Hero Wars.
7. A fragment from volume 13 of the unfinished History of My Black Horse Troop attributed to Ethilrist, a mercenary hero of the Hero Wars.